Sun, sea and sex? Do It For Mom with Spies Reiser!!

Sun, sea and sex? Do It For Mom with Spies Reiser!!

If you’re struggling for reasons to want to book a holiday with a particular or specific Danish company of your choice then struggle no more and look no further because we have found the perfect travel agent for you to use.

Danish company Spies Reiser advertising campaign insists that you book a vacation with them because they will ensure that you have a greater chance of having sex and potentially making babies.

With Denmark’s birth rate at its lowest level for 30 years and with its government worried about the affect of such statistics on the future of their welfare state, Spies Reiser have created the vacation campaign Do It For Mom in a bid to get more Danes in the sun and in the mood for procreational activities.

Studies have shown that holiday makers are 50% more likely to have sex on vacation. I don’t don’t doubt that, I’m sure we welcome it, but to advertise it like it’s your national duty  and a way of pleasing your parents with new grandchildren, well, that’s just wrong. But it is inventive and hilarious none-the-less.

The most unbelievable thing is that if you can prove that your baby was conceived on one of their holidays you will legible to receive three years worth of babies supplies for absolutely free! What better travel news than the promise of a new born?

Make your mother mother proud and book with Spies Reiser today!


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