Could the X-Men be coming back to Marvel?

Could the X-Men be coming back to Marvel?

Fox and Marvel are co-producing two new TV series set in the X-Men Universe, could this be the start of a beautiful friendship?

Am I dreaming? Seriously, if this is some sort of weird Marvel themed coma that I’m currently living in can someone come and slap me out of it. In case you haven’t heard, Marvel and Fox have decided to come together to co-produce two new TV shows; Hellfire and Legion. Now what the shows will be about is something I’ll get into in a minute, but first it’s really worth pointing out that Marvel and Fox are working together on a superhero license.

Okay, it’s not a film but this marks the start of a working relationship between Marvel and Fox that could lead to some great things. Combine that with news that Kevin Fiege has confirmed he has an alternative plan for a Marvel Universe with the X-Men and suddenly the idea of a combined Marvel Universe doesn’t seem too farfetched. The chances of such a collaboration continuing into the world of film will most likely depend on the success of the series and there is one series that has potential to bring in the big bucks.


The first show Marvel and Fox have announced they are working on is Legion. Although we’ve had no confirmation yet about the focus of the series, it all seems to point towards one character from the X-Men Universe, David Charles Haller also known as Legion. Haller is the son of Professor X and possibly the most powerful mutant in the entire universe, possessing the ability to warp all of reality to his will.

However, Legion suffers with a severe case of multiple personality disorder, meaning each of his personalities exhibit different manifestations of his power. This already sounds like an amazing idea for a super hero TV series, but it sounds even better when you hear that Noah Hawley, of Bones and Fargo fame, will be scripting the series almost guarantying that the script will be strong!


Then there’s Hellfire, the second series Marvel and Fox have announced, which looks to be gracing our screens before Legion. Hellfire will be set around the nineteen sixties as a young special agent begins to uncover details of the shadowy organisation known only as the Hellfire Club. This one is a little less interesting to me, as it feels like a more prolonged version the first half of X-Men: First Class, but that is not to say the concept won’t work. I think this series will hinge on how much the writers can bring the world of the X-Men into the series, which will ultimately be restricted by budget. Hopefully, Fox and Marvel will be able to work together to throw enough cash and technology at the project to make it work.


The thing is as good as both of these series sound they are still in fairly early stages of development, with release dates unlikely to come until the fall season of 2016. I have my doubts that either series will make it all the way through production but if they do we have a mission. Yeah that’s right, you and me both have a mission, we need to make it work. If everyone with any interest in the comic book industry takes the time to watch these shows it will send a clear sign to the head executives at Marvel and Fox, they can get rich by working together. Money is the only language these people understand, so I need to ask you to help me show those big wigs what a great idea bring the X-Men back to the Marvel Universe would be. Because if five years from now the rights to all characters were shared with Marvel and Disney maybe we could see something like this on the big screen…

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