X-Factor 6 Chair Challenge Week 2

X-Factor 6 Chair Challenge Week 2

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X-factor 6 chair challenge, week 2 - Nick and Cheryl

So last night we saw the trial of another 6 chair challenge, although this time a double whammy! Kicking off the night was Nick Grimshaw with the boys. So far all I have heard are bad things about Nick, but let me tell you it just so happens to be all lies! Nick may be harsh but he is very fair in his approach.

With a rocky start to the night for Nick, it wasn’t looking good but the action soon started to rocket, for me however the real action didn’t start until a superstar better known as Simon Lynch entered the big stage and wowed us with his take on a Jess Glyn classic, it was an all-round standing ovation in my house, not to mention the slam dunks from the judging panel!


God did you see Seann Miley Moore? He may be different but god is he amazing! A true contender in my eyes.

He might have thought he was ready for the 6 chair challenge but I doubt he was expecting that, at least now he can go back to just worrying about his fake tan.


Now what about Mr Simon Cowell? The king himself, don’t you just love the fact that he kicked and tore Mason a new one? Who could have asked for better television other than that? I am sure you were all sat there watching with jaws open but you were warned by Nick himself. Well, at least that isn’t a seat wasted, there is always one.

Now onto the main woman herself, Cheryl Fernandez Versini. Personally I thought it was a very disappointing start to her 6 chair challenge quest with Men on Point kicking it off and throwing it straight into the bin, however apparently I must have been listening to something else because they got a chair?

Although it didn’t take her long to fill up her 6 chairs now did it, I do however happen to agree with her when it comes to the First Kings. Yes they did act like the typical boy band but I think they have potential but are nothing compared to 4th Power and I don’t care what anyone says they have the potential to win it.

I can see however that our lovely judge Cheryl is going to have a hard time next weekend when it comes to some deadly swaps that may take place! We have our fingers crossed that she makes the right decisions though.

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