Will Captain America die in Civil War?

Will Captain America die in Civil War?

With Captain America: Civil War creeping up, every fan is wondering whether Chris Evans will be leaving the role.

You may have worked out by now that I am a little bit of a comic book fan, in fact I’m a huge comic book fan with a massive collection comics and graphic novels spanning the entire history of the industry. I bring this up partly because I like to boast about my collection but also because when I heard that Marvel were doing a Civil War film my first reaction was ‘so Chris Evans is leaving then’. When the Civil War arc hit almost a decade ago in the comic book industry it had three main goals; to create controversy, to shake up a lot of stale continuity and to set up the death of Captain America. While the death doesn’t actually happen during the event, Steve Roger’s passing is crucial part of the fallout caused by Civil War. Interestingly, the Civil War film ties-in with the renewal of actor Christ Evans’ contract, depending on how you count his film appearances, making this the perfect point of the character to leave the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But even if Steve Rogers leaves the Shield and Cowl behind him, that doesn’t mean the end of Captain America.


The mantle of Captain America has a history of inheritance and while Steve has always been ‘the Captain America’ there are two other heroes who are both staring in Captain America Civil War, that have taken up the shield in the comics. Both Falcon and the Winter Soldier have taken on the role of Captain America in the past and, if Marvel decide to go ahead with the Death of Captain America, it’s entirely possible that one of the heroes could be take over towards the end of Civil War. In the comic books currently it is the Falcon who has taken one the mantle, while Steve Rogers has been turned into an old man, and I think Falcon is the more likely of the two candidates to get the job. The Winter Soldier has far too much blood on his hands at this point, which seems to be one of the core conceits of the film, to allow him to become the representative for America with it being seen as a larger political statement. The Anthony Mackie’s Falcon would make for a good replacement for Steve while the Winter Soldier could become more of a side kick to the character. However this speculation is only needed if Marvel go through with the death of Captain America arc and that’s certainly up for debate.

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As I said earlier, whether Evans contract is up largely depends on which roles you count, as he is contracted for six films. Captain America, Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron only totals up to four films with Captain America: Civil War taking the fifth spot, suggesting that Chris Evans will have to leave in Avengers Infinity War Part One. It’s entirely possible that this could be when the Death Of Captain America events will occur but there is another way that Marvel could spin it to get Evans out in Civil War. You may remember that Evan’s had a short cameo in Thor: The Dark World, and while the actor is quoted as saying he doesn’t believe it counted towards his contract, Marvel could easily make the case that Evan’s was credited for the film as a part of his contract. This leaves a large margin of ambiguity that has the entire internet puzzled. It’s clear that Marvel are not sticking with the Civil War plot of the comic books but if the film is to carry any serious weight there is going to have to be some serious consequences so maybe it’s not a question over whether Captain America should die but instead the simple fact that he should, if for no other reason than to wipe that smug look off Tony Stark’s face.


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