Why Diego Costa’s 3 game ban will damage him in the long...

Why Diego Costa’s 3 game ban will damage him in the long run

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The news that the whole footballing world has been looking forward to, apart from Chelsea fans of course, is here! The FA have decided to give Diego Costa a 3-match ban for violent misconduct, following his oafish behaviour in the game that took place at Stamford Bridge between Chelsea and Arsenal.

During the game Costa dived, fouled, grabbed, scratched, intimidated, and at one point, hit the ever-calm Laurent Koscielny in the face – three times in one action. He then later barged him to the floor with his chest, causing the following issue and eventual red card of Gabriel. And yet the increasingly unlovable Jose Mourinho claimed Costa was his man of the match.

At the end of the day Chelsea won the three points and that will be all that matters to them. But there will be deeper underlying consequences for them.

Costa will not be able to hide or get away with is antics any longer and will be pulled up on his indiscretions more often than not. We’ve seen before with players like Ashley Young, known for his diving ability, that your reputation will follow you around like a bad smell to the point where your every action is under the microscope.

Diego Costa will be scrutinised, and rightfully so, for any in-game incidents that take place. Any time he goes down in the box and any time a player goes down under his challenge off the ball, he would have put the thought that he is already guilty into the mind of the referees. They will now be on the look out.

Costa plays on the edge, he seems to strive on it. Without that edge is he the same player? Only time will tell, but Mourinho has a job to do on him. With Costa hardly in top goalscoring form you wonder how often he will let his frustrations get the better of him.

In other news: Arsenal have had Gabriel’s red card decision – for the altercation with Costa – overturned, meaning he will be available for the next match. However, the FA may be looking at misconduct charges for his failure to leave the pitch in a calm and dignified manner.

Still, good may prevail over bad. Perhaps a little dramatic.


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