The voice of Whitney Avalon

The voice of Whitney Avalon

Rap battles, youtube and iTunes

Whitney Avalon, a name many should know. When it comes to the many rap battles on YouTube, one person shines amongst the rest and this woman knows how to bring it. I have managed to memorise every single lyric, from all of her princess rap battles so far and her latest one has prompted me to make this amazing article, especially as a Game of Thrones lover!

Taking a step back from Game of Thrones and into the world of vampires. Whitney managed to get the amazing Sarah Michelle Gellar to star in one of her princess rap battles as Cinderella! Now that alone is amazing but the battle is even more amazing, with lyrics that will make you laugh and shock you out of your skin, they are worth a listen and on top of that they won’t get out of your head for days.

With millions of views on every single one of her rap battles, I have plenty of people backing me up when we say we love them and want them to continue in full force! What we really want though is to see Xena the Warrior Princess up there battling it out, now that would be priceless. Now although the next video has some explicit nature, I implore you to watch right away because it is amazing!

Don’t forget to check Whitney Avalon out on iTunes so you can download all your favourites and have them wherever you go, I have found myself singing them out loud on the bus before. Her breaking bad parody is also something to be desired.

Thanks for reading and take a listen to all the rap battles out there, for more interesting reads check out my other articles.



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