Why vegetarians should go vegan

Why vegetarians should go vegan

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Apa 6th Edition Annotated Bibliography Vegetarianism is increasingly popular and often displayed as a healthy and ethical lifestyle choice, this is in fact very misleading. To argue that the egg and dairy industry are either healthy or ethical simply because neither animal is killed for the product you are eating is to be ignorant of how both industries are intrinsically linked to the meat industry, therefore supporting and inflicting violence.

Need Help To Write An Essay The dairy industry kill male calves for veal as they cannot be exploited for milk, likewise in the egg industry, male chicks are ground up alive as they are a considered waste product by the industry.

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Female cows can live up to twenty years old, but because they are repeatedly impregnated and over milked, are killed at around five years of age. They are hooked up to machines to be milked three times a day, they are milked dry which often results in painful infections such as mastitis. Infections like these mean milk is often tainted with pus. Chickens can live up to eight years old but because of the stress placed upon their bodies to produce eggs they are killed at between one to two years old, chickens are genetically modified to produce up to three hundred eggs a year as opposed to the natural seventeen. their bodies struggle to cope with the loss of calcium making the few years they do live painful and joyless.

Many vegetarians hold onto the myths that we need animal products to remain healthy to justify their consumption, or that the animals are treaded well on free-range farms. This just isn’t the case; vegans can obtain all the protein, iron and vitamins a human requires without the added cholesterol, saturated fats and animal protein that come from eggs and dairy. ‘Free-range’ and ‘organic’ are meaningless marketing slogans designed to make people feel good about bad habits. There is no real legal definition for ‘free-range’ other than the fact hens aren’t kept in cages, this doesn’t stop them living in crowded, unsanitary warehouses.

In their natural state hens only produce enough eggs to fill their nests before they begin nesting, human interruption of this natural process cannot be justified. Queen bees are enslaved with their wings ripped off so that she and her colony cannot fly away, the queens are usually killed and enslaved after one year. When bees no longer produce huge amounts of quality honey they are killed off and the process starts all over again.

Many people are so addicted to these products they forget where these products come from and who they are intended for. Not one of these animals produce anything for humans to take, and support of any industry that produces animal products means indirect support of the meat industry. Think before you buy. What do you support?