Vegans are big business

Vegans are big business

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Why it makes good business sense for companies to consider vegans, especially in their marketing.

The articles this year about the huge growth in the number of vegans should prove to companies that veganism is big business.

Argumentative Essay On Advertising In November, 2015, the Vegan Society celebrated 25 years of its vegan trademark. That’s 25 years of certifying that a product is totally vegan friendly and a sign to would be purchasers that it’s safe to buy for vegans. This is more important than it sounds. We live in a world of complex ingredients lists, online shopping, shopping in a hurry and ethical concerns. A vegan trademark can save time in reading through and trying to understand every ingredient – some chemicals and colouring aren’t vegan and knowing what number means what on the back of a packet can be quite annoying – to say the least. Therefore, if a product is marked vegan, or even better has the Vegan Society trademark, shopping becomes much easier.

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Taking this into account, it should be obvious to companies that it makes good business sense to inform vegans that their product is safe for them to pop into their shopping basket. But also worth considering is the fact that non-vegans may shop for vegans. Christmas and birthday presents, office treats and dinner parties are all reasons why non-vegans may be looking out for vegan-friendly products while out shopping. Non-vegans may not be as used to scrutinising labels as their vegan friends, therefore, they won’t necessarily know what to look out for on those labels. These means that they are more likely to play it safe by opting for the product that explicitly says “this is vegan” on the front of the packaging. The equally vegan-friendly product next to it that does not carry this message is left on the shelf. A sale lost.

Dissertation Editing Company There are, of course, an array of vegan businesses springing up, providing a wealth of cruelty-free products for those who wish their lives to be totally devoid of animal products: Vegan bakeries, vegan make-up, vegan shoes, vegan jewellery, vegan clothing, vegan sweets, vegan chocolate, vegan cookery books and vegan apps are just some examples. The number of vegan fairs and markets have increased significantly over the past year; most major towns in the UK now has at least one at year, this means that there are increased trading opportunities for the vegan entrepreneur. The online shop is also big business when it comes to veganism. With High Streets up and down the country in decline and shopping habits changing significantly, is it any wonder that many vegan businesses choose to sell their wares on the internet? The outlays are kept to a minimum and vegans do not have to travel halfway across the country looking for a particular product. Combine the two; online and vegan fairs, and you get the best of both worlds.

I mentioned vegan apps on my list of items for sale to vegans and these are becoming increasingly important. There are apps that will tell a vegan which beers are brewed without isinglass, gelatine and doesn’t contain honey. In other words, a vegan can stand in a pub and instantly check what is and isn’t safe to drink. There are also apps to tell tourists visiting new places where the best vegan-friendly places to eat are. Some apps work in conjunction with a barcode scanner telling the wold-be shopper if a product is vegan or not. The latter is not an excuse for poor labelling, not everybody has access to these apps and clear labelling takes all the effort out of shopping. Buy Cheap Research Papers The main point I wish to convey, is that while many businesses do not wish to become exclusively vegan, considering vegans does make good business sense.