Vegan options and the power for real change

Vegan options and the power for real change

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Essay On A Journey What one pizzeria's switch to veganism can teach us.

Vegans and, to be fair, just about anyone with a love of Italian food and functioning taste buds, rejoiced recently as Dalston’s (/the UK’s) finest authentic pizza restaurant, Fed By Water, announced they were going 100% vegan.

Buy A Power Point Presentation Fed’s transition from an already impressive menu of vegan options to an exclusively plant-based establishment is undoubtedly a serious milestone in fight against animal cruelty, but it comes with much wider implications and lessons to be learnt for the vegan movement.

Firstly, this proves that when the vegan community throws its collective weight behind companies and products that are vegan-friendly, it works. Simply put, proving that a viable market exists encourages businesses to make a positive change.

However, it also highlights just how important places that offer vegan options are  especially ones as mouth-wateringly inventive as Fed’s when it comes to promoting veganism and bringing meat-eaters into contact with an alternative to supporting cruelty.

The successful green progression over at Fed is presumably not just down to vegans, but carnists willing to do the unthinkable and sample plant-based pizza. Taking Doctoral Dissertation University Of Phoenix Jan Bredack of vegan supermarket chain Veganz as an example, he estimates that up to 80% or more of his business comes from non-vegans. Whatever the actual numbers at Fed, it’s safe to say that it wouldn’t just have been veggies and vegans tucking into the cruelty-free menu.

Fed always boasted a huge array of gourmet-Italian vegan goodness, but even when it sold meat and fish, and topped its non-vegan pizzas with ‘real’ cheese, they were always excellent ambassadors for the vegan. It was impossible for a meat-eater to go to Ghostwriter App Manual Fed and not be accosted by sensational plant-based delights that were enough to make anyone consider switching up their diet and ditching the dairy.

At the time of my first review for popular vegan blogger FGV’s site, there were naysayers within the vegan community who swore to never set foot in an establishment that sold anything other than cruelty-free products. While no one can fault their commitment to the cause,  apart from missing out on some of the finest pizzas you are ever likely to find, such a myopic perspective underestimates how crucial our support for Fed By Water and places like it is in the struggle to veganise society.

We live in a carnist’s world. One where veganism, despite growing social acceptance, can still be instantly dismissed as a dirty word, loaded with stereotypes about grass-eating and hemp-sandal-wearing. This makes it an often daunting prospect for businesses to dive straight into the deep, green end of the pool. While I would never condone selling flesh, I can at least understand why some people feel the need and how important it then becomes that we let them know there is another way.

Even someone like Gary Yourofsky, who could never count me amongst his biggest fans, extols the power of vegan options. Sure, people change the world, ‘people power’ and all that, but what really sadly  affects serious change is money.

Where the money flows or doesn’t, what’s profitable or what’s not, that is where the potential to shape our world lies. From the BDS movement to battling apartheid, to the Montgomery bus boycott and to everyday veganism, what links these struggles and others like them is that people stood up and withdrew their financial support for corrupt, abusive or prejudiced institutions or practices.

Money is what talks, not arguing on Facebook over an omni restaurant with vegan options. Showing people that there is a real, tasty alternative is imperative to increasing veganism’s numbers and therefore our financial clout. The world is already waking up, but the more people who decide not to fund cruelty, the more incentive there is for companies to invest in products that eschew abuse and torture.

That said, Fed By Water was never about just tapping into the vegan market. They could have done that with one measly pasta and sauce dish and left it there. What always struck me by Cheapest Will Writing Service Fed’s approach was how they embraced veganism, blended it with the best of Italian gastronomy and served it up to vegans and the v-curious alike with a culinary flare not ordinarily associated with cruelty-free dining. 50 Essays A Portable Anthology Online Fed were always flag waving, even if they weren’t always card-carrying, vegans. Until now, that is.


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