TV Review: The Apprentice 2015 Week 1 Episode 2

TV Review: The Apprentice 2015 Week 1 Episode 2

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So let me shine your attention to part two of The Apprentice 2015 this week. The Apprentice’s awake nice and early for a meeting in the one and only Barbican cactus room? Yes, the cactus room!

This week Lord Sugar decided to put the girls and boys back together in their own teams giving them the task to brand and sell their own shampoo with the hint of cactus oil. A team full of girls selling shampoo, should be a walk in the pal right? Nice to see Aisha Kasim stepping up to the mark with her ruthless fashion, although they soon swallowed their words as soon as she started.

Nice to see Lord Sugar getting involved himself, mainly focused on the Girls though. Now did anyone else love the fact that the guys had to dry him off? I bet a few people had their eyes on the screen at that moment didn’t they. The girls on the other hand, needed to hurry up and choose their model. How did that guy not go blind with all that shampoo in his eyes!

You could really cut some of the tension with a knife in the girl’s team, but at least their billboard advert was way better than the boys, Ruth really pulled out the acting card didn’t she? Now let me draw your attention to the abysmal sales pitches, both teams crashed and burned I mean, they couldn’t sell anything. At the same time the other half of the group was sat backstage picking holes in everything they did.

Overall today one thing has shown to me and I am sure most of the UK, Ruth Whiteley for favourite! However, do we have a winner? We might just have to wait and see.


Although the episode was good, it wasn’t any better as the first one, so this episode only gets a 4 star rating from me, especially as I thought the girls should have won rather than the boys. A big goodbye to Aisha Kasim, you should have done better, you were a terrible PM and you should know better and for that reasons you’re fired.


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