Turkey backs the EU refugees return programme

Turkey backs the EU refugees return programme

$3.3bn goes to Turkey stopping the migrants influx.

As the migration crisis in Europe seems to go deeper and deeper the EU leaders are looking for other alternatives to provide permanent solutions to the non stopping refugee influx. In the Balkan borders the EU authorities has put stops towards northern countries. In addition to that the EU is claiming a new return programme of the refugees that won’t qualify for the European asylum. They are rejecting other new arrivals refugees and are developing a return programme for the migrants who try to cross the Aegean sea illegally.

Also the NATO’s guards are intercepting in the Aegean Greek and Turkish borders to stop migrants from taking the very dangerous journey in the Aegean’s waters and preventing those who are trying to reach in Greece from Turkey. It is the first attempt that  naval forces of NATO are involved in the mission and is expected to increase its co-operation with Frontex, the EU border agency. 300 people or even more were stopped and sent back to Turkey from Greece authorities borders last week.

On the other hand the Western Balkan Borders are called officially closed. The route to North Europe is shut and EU declared to help Greece managing the situation created so far. Regardless of how, they seem to be impatient with the Turkish government that is not making any real effort to stop migrants influx crossing Aegean’s borders.

In the Brussels summit EU would call for the Turkey help. Turkey is the new alternative that EU wants to see as a new solution. Conducting last year a fund of $3bn they want Turkey to keep and provide housing for the migrants. Ankara is seen as a suitable destination for migrants that can’t accomplish the European asylum criteria such as Afghans, Moroccans and Pakistanis.

Over a  period of 3 years EU promised to Turkey to double it’s fund in order to accelerate their intervention. The EU-Turkey debate during the summit concluded with proposal to exchange Syrian refugees: to resettle one Syrian refugee in Europe for every Syrian refugee returned to Turkey from Greece.

The Turkish prime minister Davutoglu said: “With these new proposals we aim to rescue refugees, discourage those who misuse and exploit their situation and find a new era in Turkey-EU relations.” In return he asked the EU to review their ristrictions for  Turkish citizens.


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