Out-of-touch Brown reminds us why Corbyn is the future

Out-of-touch Brown reminds us why Corbyn is the future

Gordon Brown unintentionally reminds us that Jeremy Corbyn is the only candidate fit to lead Labour forward.


Gordon Brown took to the Royal Festival Hall in London on Sunday to break his silence on the Labour leadership race. And although he mentioned no names of candidates he either supported or opposed, his cautionary rhetoric was easily interpreted.

Long story short, Brown is the latest in a number of Labour stalwarts to warn of the impending doom of a Corbyn-led Labour party. However, in many ways, the likes of Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, and others cautioning against Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign is perhaps the biggest endorsement the Labour frontrunner could ask for.

In Brown’s speech, he was kind enough to remind us all what Labour is at its core – a party of high ideals that seeks social justice to “improve the conditions of the lives of people”. He argued that “it is not the abandonment of principles to seek power and use that power in government”, but rather “the realisation of those principles”.

In his words, Labour needs to be an alternative that is “credible, radical, sustainable and electable”, and of course is capable of winning in 2020. The ends, he urged, must not be separated from the means.

This is quite clearly shot at the campaign of Jeremy Corbyn, who has been leading in the polls, but whose supporters also think is least likely to be able to form a government.

Brown’s logic is sound, yet his perception of reality is clouded. Perhaps he’s spent too long at the top, and has forgotten to listen to those at the bottom. The very reason for the unforeseen Tory landslide in May — and certainly the increase in fringe supporters on both the left and the right — is that so many voters are disaffected with the current status quo. We tune into Prime Minister’s questions looking for legitimate answers, and only get to watch a quarrelling bunch of idiots try and verbally out-maneuver each other with petty humour and shouting.

Real Labour voters want real answers to how their ‘social justice’ will be taken back. Real Labour voters are tired of their leaders succumbing to sweeping austerity cuts, where the poor bear most of the burden. Real Labour voters are tired of the watered-down Labour politicians they’ve inherited over the past 2 decades. Real Labour voters seek a leader who is willing to stand in unwavering opposition of the current regime.


As the Corbyn campaign argues, “It is necessary to be credible, but credibility cannot mean an orthodoxy of austerity that chokes off recovery.” Surely, the ends of social justice cannot and should not be sacrificed or bastardized through the means of Westminster political pandering. It’s time Labour regained its true identity as a legitimate party of protest and party of the people. And without a shadow of a doubt, Jeremy Corbyn is the only candidate qualified to lead such a charge.


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