Top 5 vegan eateries in London

Top 5 vegan eateries in London

In honour of the only thing ever likely to make me homesick, here is five best places to eat vegan in London.

Dissertation Suchmaschine While finally making it out of London (and the UK) permanently is cause for much celebration, there are certain aspects of the capital that I will undoubtedly miss. The main one being the vegan treats on offer. Treats that I have sadly now forsaken.

In honour of the only thing ever likely to make me homesick, here are my top 5 vegan places (or omni. restaurants with plant-based offerings) in London.

Custom University Admission Essay Xavier Vx, Kings Cross, N1.

You want ethical junk food? You got it. Crave innovative, Willy Wonka-style vegan confectionary? You can have that, too, in abundance. Find the thought of an expanding waistline and a feeling of deep-seated sugary junky satisfaction in the farthest depths of your belly appealing? Coming right up! You want service with a smile? Hey, now you’re pushing it, buddy! Well what do you expect? Vx is a punky little vegan lifestyle boutique in Kings Cross that caters for every facet of vegan life, but truly excels at providing the type of food to make non-vegans dribble with jealousy: kebabs, hotdogs, burgers and all manner of shouldn’t-be-vegan-but-omg-it-is-how-the-fuck-did-they-do-that products.

Recommendations: the Vx giant kebab (or the regular size if you’re already feeling overwhelmed), a block of Willmersburger and something sweet.

Research Paper Title Page Example Fed by Water, Dalston, E8.

Fed may not be a strictly vegan affair, but they serve up something most vegans are unaccustomed to: choice. The array of authentic Italian pizzas and pastas is staggering. What really makes Fed exceptional is the quality of the food. Close your eyes, take a bite, and East London simply melts away. Upon returning to the UK from Italy as a child, I was unable to even look at Pizza Hut again and felt unfulfilled by the vaguely Italian-flavoured cardboard dished up at Pizza Express. Fed is the only place to cure that longing. Their food instantly provides my taste buds with a passport back to Italy.

Quick Answers To Trigonometry Homework Help Recommendations: any pizza or calzone, tagliatelle fungi, anything and everything marked as vegan. Literally anything. Get stuck in.

Cook Daily, Shoreditch, E1.


Take one professional vegan chef, mix in a passion for food, a dash of irrepressible talent and viola! you have Cook Daily. What sets Cook Daily apart from their rivals is just about everything. The menu is completely vegan, yet the food is gourmet. Each bowl is unique, each bowl arrives brimming with flavour and texture, and each one is entirely plant-based. This is exactly the type of food vegan detractors would term ‘rabbit food’: fresh, crispy veg, tofu, plenty of greens, and yet not even the biggest animal lover would ever feed it to a rabbit. It simply wouldn’t last long enough. It is just too good. Cook Daily explodes the myth that veggies and healthy eating is boring or flavourless, or that vegans only eat grey mush.

Recommendations: I only ever ate the Hard Bowl the few times I went, but I am reliably informed it’s all delicious. They have various bowls with diverse themes from around the world, even an English breakfast! Can’t go wrong.

Umana Yana, Herne Hill, SE24.

Debbie does it all. Unfortunately it’s not all vegan, but the vegan food she does make (various chanas, homemade roti done before your very eyes, patties) is all sumptuous. Umana Yana is a Guyanese restaurant (think Caribbean with a strong Indian influence) where everything is made from scratch. It’s like having access to your very own Guyanese auntie with unworldly skills in the kitchen. She’s also really friendly, so be prepared to chat. You don’t as much pick up food from Umana Yana as call in for a chat and a feed. It’s some of the best Caribbean food I have ever tasted.

Recommendation: warm homemade patties (best in town), chana roti or whatever veggie fillings she has on that day. It’s all scrum-diddly.

Any Ethiopian. (My favourite was Site_key Buy Essays Cheap Wolkite Kitfo next to Arsenal Stadium. However, take your pick.)


Ethiopian food is steadily gaining in popularity, yet still remains under-the-radar exotica for some people. Offering a variety of vegan dishes and encouraging diners to roll up their sleeves and dive in hands-first, Ethiopian is more than just a soon-to-be trend amongst obnoxious city boys and yummy mummies. The food is always a delicately balanced affair, the injera takes the places of traditional cutlery and food is eaten communally. It’s not dining, it’s a ritual. A damn tasty ritual.

Recommendations: anything vegan. Bring a few friends and get stuck in.


  1. Unusual choices indeed….

    I might offer another take on this, and as opposed to the above some of the places will actually be Vegan Eateries, or at least vegetarian.

    1. Manna Haven – Chalk Farm. Vegan and still serving amazing food after decades in the business. Great nice dinner/date place.
    2. Itadaki Zen – Kings Cross. Fantastic vegan Japanese slow food, wholesome and unlike anything you’ve had before.
    3. Tibits – Heddon St (off Regent St). Vegetarian Swiss restaurant which has vegan options clearly marked. Pay by weight, and every Tuesday everything is vegan. I had a combination sticky toffee pudding, blackberry crumble and mango whip.
    4. 222 Veggie Vegan – West Kensington. Amazing value lunch buffet of wholesome and delicious food. Just go. Do dinners too but I’m overly enamoured by the lunch buffet.
    5. Diwana Bel Phoo – Euston. All you can eat lunch buffet with plenty of vegan options. Cheap and great Indian food, and if you aren’t happy with it, there are 2 other ones on the same street Ravi Shanker and Chutneys.

    If you like Ethiopian/Eritrean food, non veg but go to Adulis in Oval. Unbelievably good. For Indian dinner, check out Sagar, has a few stores around London and they have a vegan menu.

    Then honourable mentions the Gate, Mildred’s, Carnevale, Inspiral Lounge, Rani’s in Finchley, Loving Hut, Riverside Vegetaria, Bonnington Cafe (for hippies :) and for a quick snack Maoz falafel.

    Should keep people busy and fed for a while :)

  2. Cameron, you obviously haven’t been to any of those place Mr. James has mentioned or you would agree. 222 only serves the typical boring sausage and mash.. Tidbits, Manna, and Itadaki are expensive as fuck so you can’t afford to eat there every day unless you’re a rich prick. Umana yana you have orgasms in your mouth without spending half your rent money. Fed by Water, well, it’s fucking amazing. Traditional italian pizza made vegan.. Better than fucking sausage and smash and gravy. Vx has everything you could dream of as a vegan that you can’t find at any other shop in London! So get out of your grey british box and try these amazing places out.

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