The top 5 eateries to visit for Pancake Day

The top 5 eateries to visit for Pancake Day

Shrove Tuesday, also known as ‘Pancake Day’, ‘Mardi Gras’, ‘Fat Tuesday’ or simply Tuesday 9th February 2016… is only around the corner! It is the favourite time of the year for us Brit’s where we meet up with our family or friends and scoff as many pancakes as we can! For those preparing themselves for lent, then many of you may know that Pancake Day is also referred to being ‘shriven’- so indulge as many dairy products as you can before your 40-days of fasting! I know you’re still licking your lips so…to make things a little easier; I have the top five perfect pancake eateries you should definitely visit…

1) The Blues Kitchen, Soho, London

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A special treat for you Londoners introduces this yummy hot spot, where a Mardi Gras celebratory party will be occurring from 5pm on Shrove Tuesday! The Blue’s kitchen is notable for its vintage, rock ‘n’ roll theme and genre of music which is played until the early hours of the morning every Friday. This favoured venue has become so popular that they have expanded out to Shoreditch and Camden so you can indulge even more on hot fresh pancakes which will be served with a selection of fillings such as, blueberries, cream, maple syrup or for those carnivore lovers… there is bacon!

2) Drake & Morgan at Kings Cross, London


Another London fancy is this great restaurant because… you will have the opportunity of flipping your own pancakes at the ‘Pancakes for All’ event! If that’s not all….a charitable event for ‘London Air Ambulance’ introduces ‘The Great Spitalfields Pancake Race’, which will be hosted not too far from this admirable venue on Brick Lane, Spitalfields, at ‘The Old Trumen Brewery’ from midday. Here you will be given a pancake in a pan to race away with whilst in your favourite fancy dress costume…making it a pancake day you will certainly remember!

3) Ed’s Diner Street, Lord Street, Liverpool


Relive the Mardi Gras experience and grab a traditional American pancake breakfast feast at this American diner in the heart of Liverpool. You can stock up on your five day and add strawberries or blueberries or go all out with bacon and a saucy hint of maple syrup or Hershey’s chocolate sauce! As many of you know the special ingredients for your average pancake includes, egg, flour, milk, eggs and a hint of salt. However, you can take the healthier route and opt for a gluten free pancake banquet here at Ed’s Diner Street, as they are accredited for their gluten friendly menu from ‘Coeliac UK’- the national charity body for coeliac disease.

4) La petite Creperie, Newcastle


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Those in a hurry on Pancake Day can still enjoy this singular day by visiting this French street-food unit café takeaway, owned by the friendly Julien and Fred ! You can satisfy your taste buds from 10 am-5 pm here, with the vast range of fillings suitable for your succulent creperie or galette. For a traditional true French style made galette then tuck into one made with ham, cheese and egg, from £3-£4! Make sure you take that early lunch break…as there are no excuses for you missing out when it comes to this venue!

5) Creams, Oxford Road, Reading

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This southern spectacular is the ultimate pancake celebration. You can take pleasure at this café with a basic crepe consisting of a sprinkle of sugar and a splash of lemon or go to the extreme with a filling of your fancy such as, bananas, strawberries or take the sweeter option and pile up your plate with ice cream of assorted flavours and a slosh of chocolate syrup. This treat is a great value for money ranging from £3.50-£5.50!


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