Tinder dating: 5 Ways to open a conversation

Tinder dating: 5 Ways to open a conversation

So you’ve swiped right until your heart’s content and then finally you receive that notification: “It’s a match.” Take a minimum of ten minutes to go on Tinder and check the profile of the girl you’ve matched. In fact, the longer the better because you will not look desperate. Remember, your match will know when the last time you were online was so make it look like Tinder isn’t your life (though it may soon become).

The next, and all important step in Tinder dating, is to open the conversation. Believe it or not, this is make or break stage. If your opening line is missing the va va voom you will not receive a reply, and will join the others on the Tinder scrapheap. So this part takes methodical skill and should not be taken lightly.

Here are 5 ways to open a conversation on Tinder

1. Cocky Character


No holds barred. Go in hard. This approach may scare off some matches, but if you’re only in it for the ‘bants’ then what do you have to lose? If you’ve matched, it’s more than likely that the person finds you attractive, so flaunt it and remind them that you find them attractive too, whilst you’re at it, if you can be bothered.

Opening line example: “Looks like we’ve both got great taste.”

2. Sexual Seduction


Probably not the best idea if you’re match does not look like she can take inappropriate jokes. In fact, this type of open has the least opportunity of success but if it works you will have your match hooked, you would have broken the ice and also laid your cards on the table. If you’re only on Tinder for Netflix and Chill (sex) this is a great way to find out if the conversation is worth taking any further. This method is for the fast and furious and eliminates time wasters. Remember if it doesn’t work just turn it into a joke. Laughter is a way in, but don’t e a clown!

Opening line example:

“Have you played pearl harbour?”

“What’s that?”

“It’s where I lie down and you blow me away.”

3. Mysterious and Intriguing

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Be ambiguous. Come straight in with something confusing and unusual. Don’t even say hi, you want to appear more adventurous than that, more random. Think up a scenario and place your match in it. Or ask a curve ball question, something so ridiculous it forces the person to think. There’s nothing worse than appearing boring or desperate, so why not act like you’re an onion (you have layers).

Opening line example:

“Im looking for a muse. If you accept the position you will need to inspire me by your very existence. How does this sound?”

4. Be Attentive


If you show that you actually pay attention to a profile rather than just swiping anything in sight, it will go along way. Read their bio, and use it to your advantage. If there’s a particular thing that stands out in their profile description use it to open the conversation. They will think that you’re a listener, and everybody loves a listener, someone who will listen to them spout mundane things about their pretty ordinary lives.

5. Steady Eddie


Not my favourite, I must admit, but being nice often gets you a long way. Being nice means you may have to woo and be romantic. Problem for me is, it moves at a slower pace than the earlier options. Beginning nice means you have to keep up that side of you until it’s time to pounce later down the line. If you deviate from the steady Eddie approach you’ll come across as disingenuous. This is the best approach if you’re looking for a proper relationship, with morals and longevity – stuff like that.



There you have it, 5 ways to open a conversation on Tinder. Personally, I use 1, 3 and 4 most often, but you really need to tailor it to the person you are speaking to. Also, you should only go with what you feel comfortable with and what matches the capabilities of your personality. If you don’t commit to your character you will get found out very easily.

Anyway, I hope you learnt something today that will help you on your Tinder dating experience. I look forward to seeing you again. PEACE.

Mr T
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