The catering equipment must haves for 2016

The catering equipment must haves for 2016

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Stocking your catering company with all of the necessary tools can be a very costly procedure. There are two types of companies; one is where you provide table, chairs, utensils and the food and the other where you provide the food and utensils. While the initial set-up of buying the supplies is different, the basic equipment for preparing, cooking and serving the food is the same.

Just like in any other business, there are new trends every year. This means that your customers have heard, seen or tasted them already. Some of the newer trends are:

  • Locally Sourced Products – From fruits and vegetable to meat, your customers want to know where and how the ingredients were grown. If possible, you should make arrangements with your local farmers to provide farm fresh produce, whenever possible.
  • Gluten Free Menu – While only some people are truly gluten intolerant, they have found that there is more nutritional value in grains such as teff flour, quinoa and buckwheat are finding their way into everyday cooking.
  • Small Bites – By offering small bites of your menu in an appealing and interesting ways, guests will be more interested in trying new things. Small bites also allow the guests to mingle among each other, making the party more of a success.
  • Vegetarian- More and more people are eating less meat and becoming somewhat vegetarian. What used to be an alternative has become more of the menu and meat dishes becoming the alternative. When setting the menu, make sure that you have a percentage of the numbers who prefer one type over the other.
  • Interactive Catering – Following the influences of all the new cooking shows on TV, chefs are interacting with the guests showing them cooking techniques and cooking to order. This has been growing even in the most up-scale restaurants where there is an open kitchen which allows guests to watch their food being cooked.
  • Ethnic Flavors – As the people of the world travel and interact, the food choices that they make abroad are often brought back home. As people try and like the new spice palates, they try them in their own dishes.
  • Beverages – More and more parties are reducing the amount of alcohol being served (mostly because of drunk driving accidents) and are replacing them with mocktails. Also, more locally produced craft beers are being used at catered events. Not only are they different flavored than traditional beers but also you are supporting the local economy.
  • Mini-Dessert Stations – More and more people are forgoing the slice of wedding cake or the sundae because they are trying to eat healthier. Instead, they enjoy a taste of the cake, a petite four or other mini-pastry. This way they are enjoying the atmosphere but they are participating in the event.

Any catering company needs to be prepared for these trends and others. A great source of supplies from furniture to cooking equipment can be found at W.V. Howe which is located in Birmingham, UK. They were found in 1945 and have for the past 70 years in guiding caterers into buying the correct equipment for their businesses. They can supply you with the most state-of-the-art equipment at fantastic prices. They can advise you in not only the current merchandise that you need but also what equipment you will need for the newest trends. From large equipment, such as freezers, to the silverware on the table, these professionals will guide you in choosing the options that are just right for you, your business and your wallet.

Samuel Mensah
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