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Marvel CEO, Isaac Perlmutter has donated over one million dollars to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Could this move effect the comics we know and love?

Comic book readers around the world today are feeling betrayed by the actions of Marvel CEO, Isaac Perlmutter. The CEO of the Marvel has come out in support of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, personally donating over a million dollars to Trump’s fund. While this is not to say that the company support Donald Trump in any way, It’s worth pointing out that Marvel Comics have been getting steadily more involved with politics over the last decade. In a recent article, which you can view here, I talked about how the current Captain America series has be criticising Trump’s policies. However, there is now a growing fear that Marvel comic may swing to the political right wing and it is not entirely unfounded. Take Captain America. The current series has seen Sam Wilson, who normally goes by Falcon, wearing the stars and stripes whilst supporting liberal politics, but it looks like Steve Rogers is coming back in May…


This means that the American flag will be shared by a liberal African-American and an aging blonde haired conservative who believes in making America great again. Meanwhile, Peter Parker is the head of a multinational company and S.H.E.I.L.D is edging closer and closer to total global surveillance. There is a degree of speculation to this of course, but it is one trend that could herald a disturbing future for the biggest publishers in comics. However, there is one elite team of heroes who stand between us and this nightmare scenario: the Marvel writing staff. In a world where superheroes don’t exist, who better to take their place than the men and women who bring them to life? These creators have already been doing a brilliant job.


Over the last few years, the writing staff have pursued a diversity agenda, slowly introducing super heroes from every background and walk of life. The comic conventions have started become more global with writers prepared to visit countries all over the world to discuss their work and connect with fans. In the pages of Marvel comics there has been support for several of Obama’s core policies alongside attempts to discredit Trump and his manifesto. This liberal and inclusive aspect to the world of Marvel super heroes feels like a natural progression of the Universe as it serves as escapism for everyone. That being said, there is an argument that Marvel as a whole, as well as the other main publishing houses, should avoid any form of political statement.


Ideally, Marvel, like every other publishing company, should let every writer write whatever they want. Some writers tackle things from a right-wing perspective and others should tackle things from a left-wing one whilst having some should have no political stance at all. I doubt Isaac Perlmutter’s actions will cause serious changes at Marvel comics as the writing staff would more likely walk than write in unilateral support of Trump. Although, it’s possible that Perlmutter’s influence could lead to more right wing politics in the universe this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This could present the readers with different viewpoints so they can have an open political debate. There was a little series titled ‘Civil War’ that did this perfectly around ten years ago and we’re still taking about it to this day…

With Marvel fever gripping the world everyone is looking for a great Marvel game but there are some fantastic hidden gems out there.

Everyone wants to be an Avenger right? Soar like Iron Man over New York City or save the world from Nazi’s like Captain America. I mean, that’s why we watch the movies isn’t it? We want to be superheroes. It’s only natural then that the entire fan community, from movie-lovers to hard-core comicbook readers, want a decent Marvel game. The problem is, there are really very few. In the mainstream gaming market we have only really ever had the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series, a duology of top down brawlers, a handful of decent Spiderman games and the Marvel Vs Capcom titles. However, looking away from triple A developers there are a few fantastic hidden gems out there.

Marvel-Contest-of-Champions-642x481 (1)

Marvel have a slew of apps out for IOS and Android with varying degrees of quality. The majority of the games revolve around basic freemium design, with players having to balance waiting and paying to unlock the majority of characters. If you’re a Marvel fan it can become pretty tough to wait for upwards of a week to unlock your favourite hero on the likes of Marvel’s Future Fight or Contest of Champions. Each game comes in a slightly different flavour as a reskin of a different game. Marvel Contest of Champions plays a lot like the Mortal Kombat app with one on one fighting while Future Fight is more about a three on three brawl like the Injustice app. Marvel Puzzle Quest is basically Candy Crush, Spider-Man Unlimited is a reskinned Temple Run and Avengers Alliance draws a lot of gameplay from time management games like Simpson’s Tapped Out or Clash of Clans. Each game takes a genre and does it pretty well. I can guarantee that if you are a fan of any of the titles I’ve mentioned above you will appreciate their Marvel brethren, which in many cases are better designed and cheaper to invest in.


Another facet to the world of Marvel gaming is the vast majority of websites that play host to Marvel themed games such as http://www.casino.com/uk/ which has many Marvel themed games such as Spiderman: Attack of the Green Goblin or Iron Man 3. The games play like extremely stylised slot machines with the option to play for free or for money. The quality of the games are high with cut scenes and many subtle nods to the lore of both the films and the comic books making the games perfect for fans of the comics. In research for this article I tried several of the games and found them surprisingly engaging and, in some cases, a vast improvement on the Marvel app selection out there.

maxresdefault (13)

Marvel also have their Diablo-style online game Marvel Heroes, which you can access at www.marvelheroes.com but due mostly to a lack of character creation and variety the game struggles to pull in the numbers needed to support its own infrastructure. If you are a die-hard Marvel fan you will probably enjoy the story line, as it is written by top Marvel writers such as Brian Michael Bendis, but movie fans may get a little bored or lost. There is a vast wealth of games out there right now, so why not go out and be an Avenger? It’s time to assemble.

With Captain America: Civil War creeping up, every fan is wondering whether Chris Evans will be leaving the role.

You may have worked out by now that I am a little bit of a comic book fan, in fact I’m a huge comic book fan with a massive collection comics and graphic novels spanning the entire history of the industry. I bring this up partly because I like to boast about my collection but also because when I heard that Marvel were doing a Civil War film my first reaction was ‘so Chris Evans is leaving then’. When the Civil War arc hit almost a decade ago in the comic book industry it had three main goals; to create controversy, to shake up a lot of stale continuity and to set up the death of Captain America. While the death doesn’t actually happen during the event, Steve Roger’s passing is crucial part of the fallout caused by Civil War. Interestingly, the Civil War film ties-in with the renewal of actor Christ Evans’ contract, depending on how you count his film appearances, making this the perfect point of the character to leave the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But even if Steve Rogers leaves the Shield and Cowl behind him, that doesn’t mean the end of Captain America.


The mantle of Captain America has a history of inheritance and while Steve has always been ‘the Captain America’ there are two other heroes who are both staring in Captain America Civil War, that have taken up the shield in the comics. Both Falcon and the Winter Soldier have taken on the role of Captain America in the past and, if Marvel decide to go ahead with the Death of Captain America, it’s entirely possible that one of the heroes could be take over towards the end of Civil War. In the comic books currently it is the Falcon who has taken one the mantle, while Steve Rogers has been turned into an old man, and I think Falcon is the more likely of the two candidates to get the job. The Winter Soldier has far too much blood on his hands at this point, which seems to be one of the core conceits of the film, to allow him to become the representative for America with it being seen as a larger political statement. The Anthony Mackie’s Falcon would make for a good replacement for Steve while the Winter Soldier could become more of a side kick to the character. However this speculation is only needed if Marvel go through with the death of Captain America arc and that’s certainly up for debate.

captain america

As I said earlier, whether Evans contract is up largely depends on which roles you count, as he is contracted for six films. Captain America, Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron only totals up to four films with Captain America: Civil War taking the fifth spot, suggesting that Chris Evans will have to leave in Avengers Infinity War Part One. It’s entirely possible that this could be when the Death Of Captain America events will occur but there is another way that Marvel could spin it to get Evans out in Civil War. You may remember that Evan’s had a short cameo in Thor: The Dark World, and while the actor is quoted as saying he doesn’t believe it counted towards his contract, Marvel could easily make the case that Evan’s was credited for the film as a part of his contract. This leaves a large margin of ambiguity that has the entire internet puzzled. It’s clear that Marvel are not sticking with the Civil War plot of the comic books but if the film is to carry any serious weight there is going to have to be some serious consequences so maybe it’s not a question over whether Captain America should die but instead the simple fact that he should, if for no other reason than to wipe that smug look off Tony Stark’s face.

Comic Book fans everywhere have been trying to box the Civil War trailer into the Mark Millar graphic novel storyline and it has to stop.

I have had the same conversation three times this week. A friend will sidle up to me and say ‘I love the new Civil War trailer but it doesn’t look much like the comic book everyone has been banging on about for years’ to which I’ll reply by slamming my head on the closest desk or desk-like surface. I didn’t think we still had this problem. I’m going to let you all in on a secret right now: Marvel have been lying to us for some time. The comic version of Age of Ultron takes place in an alternate future where half the superheroes are dead. The comic version of The Winter Soldier involves Captain America using the tesseract (which is called the cosmic cube in the comics) to wish Bucky back to normal. None of it is like the comics, but there is nothing wrong with that.


Apart from the obvious problems with Fox owning a third of the Marvel Universe, there are a lot of good reasons why Marvel Studios have decided not to follow the exact plot of the comic books. To follow the entire plot of the Marvel Universe would require Marvel to accurately recreate over sixty years chronologically, the majority of which is very dated. The budget required to recreate some Marvel events would be staggering and many heroes would barely get more than two lines. That being said, I have seen the argument floating around the internet that Civil War could just be a recreation of the comics as we have already had a lot of set-ups from previous films for the universe. It is the dumbest idea I have ever heard.


Scroll back up to the top of the page and count the number of super heroes that you don’t know in that picture. Even if you are a major comic book fan, do it. You’re back? Good. I counted around seventeen heroes and villains in that picture that haven’t played a major role in a film or TV series. How confused do you think everyone is going to be when all of these super heroes suddenly appear from nowhere. There’s still people that think that the guy in the all black suit with a panther motif is Batman ‘finally joining the Avengers’. It’s Black Panther people. If you don’t know who he is, I wrote a handy guide right here.


No, Civil War will be nothing like Mark Millar’s graphic novel but that’s fine because I personally believe it might prove even better. The Civil War graphic novel was immensely ambitious and was only just held together by a combination of good writing and an audience who were willing to suspend their disbelief to the point of insanity. Now we have two small forces fighting over a more personal matter. I know they are still doing the Registration Act with the Sokovia Accords, but the real fight seems to revolve around Bucky. This should balance the story and allow the it to be a lot more streamlined while giving all the involved characters enough screen time, even though it’s still going to be a struggle. Captain America: Civil War will be a good film no matter what it’s relation to the comic books is and if this article doesn’t convince you then maybe you should watch the trailer one more time.

Over the last week Marvel Comics have began to publicly criticised Donald Trump in an unlikely move for the company.

Marvel Comics have a weird relationship with American politics. The problem is, when you have a super hero that literally wears the American flag as their costume it’s almost impossible not to make a political statement. Marvel have been forced to acknowledge this over the years and it’s become quite a common thing to see presidents and presidential candidates appear in the pages alongside the Avengers and the X-Men. In the Ultimates series George Bush made a fantastic appearance supporting Captain America whilst the week after President Obama took office we saw him appear alongside Spider-Man. However, This week Marvel Comics have had one particular political figure on their minds, Donald Trump.


It’s fair to say Donald Trump is an extremely controversial figure in the world of American politics at the moment and, while it looks unlikely he will achieve presidency, his campaign has become one of the most outrageous political events in recent history. It’s no wonder then that Marvel Comics want to come out against the Trump campaign as they pursue a more liberal and inclusive Marvel Universe with the All-New All-Different line up. With Trump, Marvel brought out the big guns, in the last week of comic book releases both Captain America and Spider-man, the futuristic 2099 version, have come out against Trump. It’s worth noting that Trump does have some supporters in the Marvel Universe as well, which I will get to in a minute, but first Captain America.


Captain America Issue One came out last week and represented a landmark for the hero as Sam Wilson, also known as the Falcon, took up the shield making this the first series with a black Captain America lead. In the issue, Sam Wilson was besieged by the public as he attempted to point out several things wrong with American society. This political criticism then reached a climax as Wilson flew down to the Mexican border to aid a group of immigrants who were under attack by the Sons Of The Serpent, a racial hate group. The Sons Of The Serpent reveal themselves to be Trump supporters, proclaiming loudly that they cannot wait for the ‘glorious wall’ between Mexico and America. Captain America then proceeds to give the Sons Of The Serpent a good thrashing before saving the immigrants.


The Trump reference in Spider Man 2099 was a little more on the nose as the main character, Miguel O’Hara declares that he’s worried about Trump. This marks a new decision from Marvel Comics as they have evolved from political reference, such as including Bush and Obama, to political commentary, with Trump. I, personally, like to believe this could herald a new era in which we begin to see Marvel tackle so truly big issues effecting the western world. Who know, years from now we could see Deadpool interviewing the president “Mr. President, how do you feel about chimichangas?”.

There was a time when Spider-Man, Luke Cage and Wolverine were all members of the Avengers and it was awesome!

Today marks my one-hundredth article! I honestly can’t believe it, all the work I’ve done with this site has been fantastic. So I have decided to celebrate by discussing my favourite Marvel team of all time, the New Avengers. For the sake of this discussion, I’m going to focus on the team as it is presented in the story arc ‘Breakout‘ which comprises of New Avengers Issues 1 to 6. So why is the New Avengers team so awesome? Let’s just lay out the team; Iron Man, Captain America, Spider Woman, Spider Man, Luke Cage, Wolverine and Sentry. Freaking awesome!


As Brian Michael Bendis said when he created the team ‘they should be earth’s mightiest heroes’ which has alway been the tag line for the Avengers. The team truly represents every corner of the Marvel Universe with the most popular characters from each aspect. Iron Man represents the technological heroes, Captain America represents the World War Two heroes, Spider Man and Luke Cage represent New York, Wolverine; the Mutants, Spider Woman; the spies and Sentry is just a pure powerhouse. It’s a perfect blend, representing the entire Marvel Universe, making the team the closest thing to the Justice League in the entire Marvel Universe.


The variation between the Justice League and Avengers has always been interesting, the Justice League are Gods and the Avengers are more like a paramilitary force, so each team fights very different levels of threats, creating diversity in the comic industry. The great thing about the New Avengers is that while they represent every facet of the Marvel Universe, they are actually even weaker than most Avengers teams. Sentry has more psychological problems that Thor and Luke Cage is nowhere near as strong the Hulk. This makes the team fresher than most others and it also makes them much more interesting as they have to adapt a lot more to defend the planet. The funny thing is, there is someone who agrees me and that man’s name is Joss Whedon.


At the end of Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Whedon chose to include this small hint towards the New Avengers series and I like to believe that this is because he has a fondness for the team. The roster he gathered is also very interesting as they represent the many facets of the current Marvel Cinematic Universe while also being much weaker than the original line-up. So when you head over to the cinema to watch Captain America: Civil War remember that it’s going to include at least a little reference to one of the greatest teams in Marvel history. Also, if they ever call themselves the New Avengers on screen I will take that as the Russo brothers agreeing with me and that will make me awesome. Happy 100th article!

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Marvel's Jessica Jones is not far away, but is it worth reading the graphic novel the series is based on?

We’re less than six weeks away from Marvel’s Jessica Jones hitting Netflix. After the amazing Daredevil run, the Netflix team produced earlier this year, Jessica Jones is set to be another piece of great entertainment. Unlike Daredevil, Jessica Jones has never appeared in any other form of media, and she has only had a few comic book appearances. That being said, back in the earlier naughties, Brain Michael Bendis decided to tackle the character in the series Alias. If you want to  learn a bit more about the character right now, the Alias series is a perfect start.


If I am being honest, I’m a little biased when it comes to Bendis‘ work. Right from the very beginning of my journey through the Marvel Universe Bendis has been a constant companion. However, there is a reason for this, Bendis gets fans, in various interviews and commentaries on the subject Bendis admits to being a fanboy. Alias is all about Jessica Jones, a private detective who left the Avengers when she was younger, Jones deals with the darker side of he Marvel Universe. It’s worth mentioning the series is part of Marvel’s adult-rated Max series, so it’s understandable that the first arc revolves around of video taken of Captain America’s love life. Bendis manages to really drill into the darker sides of heroes and the realistic problems they would face in the real world. This is great to read, the style is also a little more complex which is nice to see and allows the piece to cover a lot plot and story very quickly.


Michael Gaydos is insane. Genuinely, his style changes every couple of seconds, morphing and re-morphing into whatever type of art is required to support Bendis‘ writing. However, the paneling is everywhere, the style of the piece really makes the reader force themselves through as there is often a high ratio words to pictures which is tough for new comic book readers. At times the art helps here, but if the piece has a real issue it lies with the lack of pace. I think if you’re unsure with comics, as a lot of readers are, this could be a stretch too far.


In the end, Alias Volume One is a great piece that aims to pull the veil of heroism off heroes and examine all the gritty details that brings the Marvel Universe to life. In that goal it fully achieves. However, the piece aims extremely high, with a more avant-garde style that I appreciate as a long time reader and a critic, but I fear could be off-putting to newcomers to the medium. Available for around £30 from third party sellers on Amazon and Forbidden Planet the entire volume comprises of Alias Issues 1-15, making it pretty good value for money. However, just in time for the new series, Marvel have repackage the series into shorter volumes that you can pick up for around half the price.

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With so many Marvel character's getting their own films, and an entire universe to draw upon, who should be next to hit the big screen?

There are around thirty super heroes films being released over he next five years, that’s insane! With so many movies both Marvel and DC are scrapping through their universes in an attempt to find new and interesting characters that the world will love. Like every other nerd, geek and comic lover, I have my own personal list of heroes I think belong on the big screen. I have decided to only include characters who have never had a cinema appearance and that Marvel have the rights to, although some of these characters are highly contested.

Number Five: Moon Knight


Marc Spector, the Moon Knight, is a slightly off-beat alternative to Spider-Man or Daredevil. He is a schizophrenic who believes that he is being contacted by an ancient Egyptian God. The problem is, dealing with issues like schizophrenia on the big screen can be tough, especially with the majority of Marvel films being targeted at a younger demographic. However, if the Marvel boffins find a way to work with that aspect of the character, Moon Knight could present a fresh take on super heroes.

Number Four: Wonder Man


I’m not Wonder Man’s biggest fan, he’s a smug actor with the ability to turn into a form of pure energy, making him extremely powerful and annoying. The thing is, over the last few years in comics, Wonder Man has become a vocal opposition to the Avengers, using his mastery of PR and the media to stage vocal debates against the teams activity. This aspect of the character could be explored and it could even lead to Wonder Man turning into more of a antagonistic character for the heroes of the MCU.

Number Three: The Sentry


There are actually two heroes with schizophrenia on this list, Marc Spector and Bob Reyolds, the Sentry. Sentry is a fascinating super hero, with powers greater than the gods of Asgard, he was actually able to rip a god in two in the comics. Sentry is a good hero but he suffers with a split personality, known only as the Void. For all the good that Sentry does, the Void does almost equal evil. This could play out really well on screen and make for some great dilemmas between the Avengers and what they should do for the struggling hero.

Number Two: Spider Woman


Now we get to the really good stuff, Marvel are looking for more interesting female characters and their is no one with a more interesting backstory than Jessica Drew, also know as Spider Woman. Spider Woman was a Hydra agent, brainwashed and powered up to fight for them, with a little help from other interested parties. She has a wide variety of powers and is constantly looking for redemption. This could be very interesting, and would work well with other spy characters like Black Widow and Hawkeye.

Number One: Namor


Right, I bent the rules a little bit here, truth is, no one knows who exactly owns Namor, the Sub-Mariner. He has appeared many times in the Fantastic Four universe, making him property of Fox, but he is a named member of the Avengers, making him property of Marvel, however he is also a mutant, making him property of Fox once again. This copyright dispute would probably end in something similar to arrangement Fox and Marvel came to with Quicksilver. This could mean we’d get a Namor in both the X-Men films and the Marvel Cinematic universe films. But this wouldn’t be such a bad thing, because Namor kicks ass.

The king of Atlantis, Namor has Thor-level abilities of strength, speed and agility. Unlike Thor, Namor is never humble, he fought alongside Captain America in World War Two and continues to fight along side the Avengers, but only out of mutual respect. If anyone does not treat Namor as the royal he is, then the Sub-Mariner will teach them some manners, often through some form of physical reinforcement. To see a character like this alongside the Avengers would be great. Imagine the fight once Iron Man turns around and refuses to bow down to him? Looks like someone will need some Namor-busting armour.

Next year Captain America: Civil War hits cinemas, but what actually happened in the 2006 event and why is everyone who ever read a comic book so excited for it?

Heroes fighting heroes, decade long friendships broken and hundreds of deaths. In the history of comic books there has been no event like Marvel’s Civil War! There has always been fighting between heroes, but a war of heroes where each and every fighter believes he or she is doing the right thing? It had never really been done before, and I wish I had thought of it before Mark Millar. But what was the 2006 Marvel Civil War all about? If you have never even flicked through a comic and looked at the pictures, this is the article for you.



In 2006 America was in right in the middle of post-nine-eleven fear, the unstoppable, indestructible nation that had never had a single attack on its mainland had been dealt a heavy blow. This created two huge problems for the country; anti-Muslim sentiment and an outcry for greater security. When Mark Millar sat down to write Civil War he wanted to explore this by examining what would happen if S.H.E.I.L.D turned on super heroes and forced them to join a register where they could be monitored. However, Miller also wanted to explore how both sides of the debate felt they were correct in their views. This created the crux of the event, Captain America vs Iron Man.



After a group of young inexperienced heroes engage a group of villains in a suburban neighbourhood resulting in the deaths of thousands, the American government calls for the registration of all vigilantes. When Captain America is asked to lead a S.H.E.I.L.D task force against rogue heroes he instead rebels and asks other heroes to join him in defiance of the government. Iron Man, Mr Fantastic and Yellow Jacket agree to lead the task force instead. Iron Man encourages Spider-Man to unmask at a press event in one of the most iconic moments of the entire event. The two sides of the conflict clash multiple times and, at the climax, Captain America surrenders, realising that the American public could never support heroes who were at war with the government and the law system.

Key Graphic Novels

If you want to really read up on Civil War, these are the books for you:

Road To Civil War


There was a huge built up to Civil War with events spreading across the entire Marvel Universe, Road To Civil War combines all of these moments together into one graphic novel. It’s very well written and more than worth your time.

Civil War


The main event itself! Civil War is a great graphic novel, possibly one of the greatest from its decade, with several reprints it’s easy to grab and have a read.

Amazing Spider-Man Civil War


Throughout the entire Civil War storyline Peter Parker serves as the audience-proxy, changing sides in an attempt to get closer to doing what is morally right. If you want to truly understand how Civil War could work on in cinemas this is the one for you.

With everything going on across the entire storyline we can only hope that next year the Russo Brothers will be able to team up and bring it to the big screen in the way it deserves!

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With Avengers: Age Of Ultron released this week it might be time for a marathon, gather your mates together and strap in because it going to be a long one!

The shared Marvel Cinematic Universe is insanely huge, to watch every piece of content in order would take several days when you include Agents of Shield, Agent Carter, Daredevil and all the short films used as DVD extras. So, how could you possibly run an Avengers marathon? I mean you couldn’t just watch the two Avengers films, but that’s only a beginner level marathon, you need something that’s going to last through the night! You could attempt all the main series films but it’s an almost impossible task.

For today, I’m going to stick with a Marvel Phase one marathon, covering the lead up to the Avengers. Maybe when Ant-Man hits DVDs I’ll have a crack at Phase Two, but for now this is, in my opinion, the best marathon you can attempt.


I have already covered how to set up a marathon space in my previous ‘How to run a Star Wars marathon‘ article but there are some easy ways to tailoring your living room for an Avenger-thon. If you and your friends can pool your money, go out to your local toy store and buy some Avenger’s dress up gear, you can get Cap’s shield and Thor’s hammer for around £15 in stores and even cheaper online. The next thing you can pick up are standees, normally costing between £10-£20 these life size cutouts of the Avengers can be bought from Forbidden Planet and tonnes of online store. Now you’ve got all your friends dress as Avengers and a living room filled with standees pick up some finishing touches such as themed ice cube moulds and maybe even a few relevant comic books. If you put the work in you can get something like this:


Now you have the room all set, it’s time to get to the films. I’m going to assume your starting the marathon around seven in the evening which will allow you to get everyone fed before attempting the Thor-level feat. The entire marathon will last 10 hours and 3 minuets, including twenty minute bathroom breaks between films. Here’s how it breaks down:

19:00-21:06: Iron Man

A really nice gentle start. This is a relatively short film from Marvel comics that your group should get through pretty easily. It’s all made easier by Robert Downey Jr.’s brilliant performance of course.

21:06-21:26: First Bathroom break

21:26-23:18: The Incredible Hulk

This will be one of the toughest films in the whole marathon, if your intending to have a drink and get some pizza in do it now. Also if your looking to cut a film from the marathon, this is the one.

23:18-23:38: Second Bathroom Break

23:38-01:43: Iron Man Two

If your drinking while watching your marathon Iron Man Two is a good one to knock back a few beers with. The film is very action driven and perfect for turning off your mind a little.

01:43-02:03: Third Bathroom Break

02:03-03:57: Thor

When watching this film I recommend having competitions over who makes the best Loki and Thor, mostly because everyone’s version of Thor is hilarious! This is a fairly short movie but it hits a little late in the evening so do your best to rally your fellow marathoners.

03:57-04:17: Forth Bathroom Break

04:17-06:21: Captain America: The First Avenger

As light begins to creep over the horizon and the Avengers inches closer and closer you need to really push your group though this film. Many people will tell you it’s once of the weakest Marvel films and while I don’t agree with that opinion at 4am anything would feel weak. If anyone wants to take a nap break let them do it here.

06:21-06:41: Fifth Bathroom Break

06:41-09:03: Avengers Assemble

Okay this is the big one! You have watched eight hours of films up to this point and the finish line is in sight. Wake everyone up, get them all fed and pass out some drinks, your about to cross the finish line in style! This shouldn’t be too tough to finish. Once you push yourself though, the cathartic pay off Avengers Assemble will feel like you have climbed your way to Asgard to be welcomed by Odin into the halls of Valhalla.

…please drop a note in the comment section if you give this a go and tell me how it plays out, marathoners assemble!