Spectre Film Review: Bond is back with a bang!

Spectre Film Review: Bond is back with a bang!

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The 24th instalment in the Bond franchise will not disappoint!

Bond is back and he’s certainly back with a bang. The 24th instalment of the franchise, Spectre, is everything a Bond film should be. It has everything from high octane action scenes to a well structured story line. Director Sam Mendes, has also got the right balance of old school Bond and the new Bond style Daniel Craig delivers so well.

The film begins in the truly stunning setting of Mexico City on the Day Of The Dead, with Bond sporting a chilling skeleton mask as he makes his way onto the rooftops through a sea of people, all dressed in ‘Day Of The Dead’ themed attire. An explosive scene then begins, which will have you on the edge of your seat throughout as a death defying helicopter sequence over thousands of people takes place, leaving Bond in the possession of a mysterious octopus ring.


We are then taken back to London, where the main basis of the film kicks off, as we see the exceptionally talented Ralph Fiennes as M, bickering with Max Denbeigh (“C”) played by Andrew Scott (Moriarty in Sherlock), the head of a new intelligence service that has merged with MI5 and MI6, that plans to create a new nine country agency that has surveillance everywhere and will ultimately scrape the 00 agent programme.


The film definitely isn’t shy of locations as we then find Bond in Rome, investigating the mysterious ring in his possession. Which soon finds him in the middle of a mysterious board meeting, where we first catch a glimpse of the enigmatic and malevolent Franz Oberhauser, played by Christoph Waltz, who is terrifyingly captivating in the villainous role. Bond then begins to discover more about the mysterious Spectre organisation.

Shortly after, Bond is globetrotting again as he heads off to Austria, where he encounters Dr Madeline Swann, the daughter of Mr White, previously seen in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, who is played by Lea Seydoux, who delivers an extraordinary performance in her role, and the action really begins to unfold, as Bond soon finds himself re-visiting the darkest depths of his past.

Overall, Sam Mendes has showcased his masterful directing to the highest standard, the well-structured and superbly written story line brings out all the right emotions, although does sometimes lack the dramatic and emotive impact in parts. One thing that cannot be knocked, however, is the absolutely brilliant cast. Craig delivers another superb performance as the 00 agent, Waltz plays his part down to a tee, playing a disturbingly deranged Bond Villain, Andrew Scott gives a remarkably arrogant performance as Max Denbeigh and the previously seen Ralph Fiennes (M), Naomie Harris (Moneypenny) and Ben Whishaw (Q) all deliver brilliantly likable performances in their roles.

Spectre is a definitive must see for any Bond fan and will definitely not leave you disappointed!

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