Sherlock special title and air date revealed!

Sherlock special title and air date revealed!

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A release date and title for the upcoming Sherlock special has been revealed.

It’s an exciting day for Sherlock fans, as the official release date of the highly anticipated Christmas Sherlock special has finally been revealed, along with the title of the new feature length episode, which is called The Abominable Bride.

The information surfaced Saturday afternoon via Twitter, after a Sherlock Panel with writers Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, producer Sue Vertue and Amanda Abbington who plays Mary Watson was held at the MCM comic con in London.

Writers Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, who are infamously known for keeping Sherlock fans waiting for new information on the hit show, were in their element on the panel, as the pair teased the audience with information on the special and the new upcoming series, which has been confirmed to begin shooting next spring.

The specials official air date was revealed to be January 1st 2016 during the panel, writer Mark Gatiss also said “There’s something in the special, which was a sheer delight from beginning to end. You’ll know when you see it” He also teased at a potential Mycroft appearance and said “The special is very much in the same style and humour as ours.”

As well as talking about the special-  Writer Steven Moffat, also touched on series 4 of the contemporary drama. When talking about the new series and whether Sherlock’s nemesis, James Moriarty would return, Moffat said “Moriarty shot himself in the head in front of the most intelligent person in the world. He’s dead. He can’t come back. Or can he?”

Another exciting piece of information revealed about the special is that Sherlock is officially hitting the big screen! Yes- you read that right. Selected cinemas across the UK will be screening the Victorian special and tickets are due to go on sale on Monday 2nd November. All the more reason to be excited about the new episode!

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