Scientists find eye colour correlates with personality

Scientists find eye colour correlates with personality Essay Mba The Funky Group, Click here
Scientists found that there is a correlation between eye colour personality traits.

Some say the eye is the mirror of the soul, but scientifically the eyes are positioned in such a important part of the body that it is not a surprise if the appearances of the eyes are connected with some inner qualities. Swedish and Scotish scientists both came to this conclusion independently from one another. Let’s see what they found:


Dark brown (black) eyes: Natural leaders and bright people. They have more dye in their eyes which means that their brain works differently. Usually they are better at sports than others. They are able to make compromises and they are usually considered kind.

Blue eyes: They are very strong inside and also have physical strength, but it is harder to trust them. They seem to be changeable but they are not. They are less exposed to depression and they have a strong ability to tolerate pain.

Grey eyes: This is actually a version of blue eyes, with more dye. Grey eyed people can be very kind and very low-key as well – it is variable. It can be good and bad too. As they are conformists they can be very successful but they are really unpredictable. They have a huge work capacity, and they react on the difficulties with even more will power.

Homework Help For Sophmores In Highschool Light brown eyes: It is a rare eye colour, so they have been told they are very special since their day of birth. Their eye colour can be changeable: there can be green and brown shades in it as well. They are spontaneous, independent and confident.

Brown eyes: People trust them, they seem to be kind and reliable. They sleep less than the others, but wake up harder.

Criminolgy Term Paper Green eyes: It is also a rare eye colour: it is a mixture of blue and brown. People feel that they are mystical and sexual. They are moderate, but nice. They are reassuring but more aloof than brown eyed ones.