Save the Self, Save the World Part 2: Yoga Power

Save the Self, Save the World Part 2: Yoga Power

Are you ready to be a hero?

We think that superheroes have the potential to save the world because they are strong, powerful and indestructible. This is the case because they truly believed they could save the world. It was not just a dream or an image in their mind, they did justice to the thought of saving the world, acting with conviction. What we see as strength on the outside was built to exist from strength from within.

Pranaayam Power Duo

In my very first yoga class, I was informed that we only use twenty percent of our lung capacity. Patanjali yoga is a highly spiritual and powerful discipline which requires patience, time and undivided focus. Incorporating pranaayams in your daily routine will bring many benefits to your mental and physical well being, strengthening and regulating the movement of energy in the body. There are various pranaayams which help to prevent and cure different health problems but I will take this opportunity to introduce two which I believe hold the power for positive change. Kapaal Bathi otherwise known as ‘The Breath of Fire’ is one of the most powerful pranaayams. Using the core to pump toxins out of your body, this breathing technique slowly restores the human mind and body. Anulom Vilom also known as ‘Alternate Breathing’ is a meditation technique accomplished by breathing in and out through one nostril at a time, allowing the body and mind to reach a health equilibrium. The two techniques form an indestructible force of nature which can protect and prevent you from several health problems, allowing you to lead life of control, peace and clarity.


Yoga is the way for us to build and use potential for the purposes of defeat, protection and self-motivation. The pranaayam duo is the way to become our own ultimate source of strength.

Superhero in the Self

Iron Man and Thor did not start out as superheroes. The road to meeting that superhero was one of self discovery and examination of potential which had been suspended within themselves. Iron Man steps out of the shadow of his father, realising the world can only change for the good if he does. Having not quite understood the level of humility that comes with being the King of Asgard, Odin casts his son Thor to earth where he learns the importance of such a responsibility. His eyes are opened to his true potential and it is only then that the hammer comes to his hand. These superheroes become super because they reach their potential, gain clarity and lead by example. This is what Patanjali yoga teaches us to do.

How can we expect to help others when we are not in tune with ourselves? We need to be strong and take care of ourselves and by doing so, we lead by example. This is how we save the world. We become frustrated when we cannot help someone in need and we become entangled in another’s world. However, when we take a second to self reflect, we realise how many unsettled internal wars we have not faced. Priortising the self is not a selfish act but done in the best interest of the self and others. Perhaps we are unable to pursue certain tasks in life because we are only using a small percentage of ourselves. Patanjali yoga allows you to engage with a greater capacity of your breath, internal energy flow and potential, slowly releasing the superhero in you.


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