Save the bees of Britain!

Save the bees of Britain!

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Save the bees, stop the killing

Save the bees. The media at the moment love to cover the story that bees are dying off, even though activists are rallying for more to be done to save the bee population. You can find many different kinds of companies that will send you wild flower seeds for bees, the situation is still getting worse and I am here to tell you why.

Despite the fact that the bee population is falling, and that bee-endangering pesticides and chemical products are currently banned within the EU, the UK Conservative government has just decided to give the green light for farmer to sow toxic-coated seeds on their land! It could be any day now that farmers will start to sow Bayer and Syngenta’s toxic bee killing seeds, which will rapidly decrease the bee population.

Now, you might think what’s the harm in bees dying off? I mean they just sting you right? Wrong! Bees obviously produce honey, but at the same time one-third of the worlds food supply is pollinated by insects, most of which are bees and on top of that some findings show that without bees 50-80% of the worlds food supply will be directly or indirectly affected or lost.

Thousands of people can’t be wrong and have already signed a petition to stop these murderous seeds being mass produced and planted, 402,997 people in fact. If you want to find out more on the action being taken against the government, more about the seeds which harm/kill bees or sign the petition then click on the link here.

Thanks for taking the time to read about this matter and hopefully you will get behind us in saving the bees! Check out my other articles for some interesting reads, even more petitions and amazing finds.



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