Ratchet and Clank is back!

Ratchet and Clank is back!

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Bring back more old school games

When I was growing up, my gaming didn’t really kickstart until we owned the Playstation 2. Thankfully, with backwards capability it meant I didn’t miss out of the original Playstation games that I would otherwise not have had the chance to play. This was back in the day when games weren’t just about shooting and killing, back when games had levels and the story mode was enough to keep the gamer satisfied. So you can imagine it was much to my delight when I saw a trailer on Facebook for a new Ratchet and Clank coming to PS4 on April 22nd 2016. But, to make this even better, it doesn’t even look as if the game as changed that much from its original style as they so often do. This really got me thinking so as I commonly do, I turned to social media to see what others thought.

I asked my friends on Facebook what games from their childhood they wanted bringing back which led to a much deeper discussion than I first anticipated. The most common suggestion was actually Crash Bandicoot which I whole heartedly agree would be great. Crash Bandicoot was probably the first real level based game I ever properly played. It was simple but sweet, difficult in some cases but not impossible and was script was entertaining. It was just all round fun for anybody who played and I think that’s why it’s so demanded.

Leading on from that, the second most common suggestion was Spyro. As a kid, Spyro was probably the most commonly played game in my household. I never actually owned Crash Bandicoot and would only be able to play it in ten minute intervals at an after school club I used to go to. Something I found very frustrating because the console didn’t have a memory card which meant if somebody changed the game to what they wanted,you’d have to start from scratch. Spyro on the other hand I did own and that meant I could play it whenever I pleased. In fact, I owned the original Spyro and then Spyro: Enter tha dragonfly which I owned at an older age so played a lot more. I think Spyro was so successful because it was one of the first games I can remember that rather than selecting the level from a home screen, you actually had a sort of home base where you could run around,complete seperate activites and then from there choose which level you wanted by hopping onto little platforms that floated you too it or going through doorways. It made the process of choosing a level fun in itself.

Spyro: Enter the dragonfly also used the concept of collectibles I.E dragonflies to further the story progression by allowing you to gain access to more areas in the home base the more you had collected. Spyro also introduced to me the concept of cycled abilities and being able to choose which ability would be best suited to which situation. It had mini games and puzzles and was an all round fun play. I and many others all agreed that Spyro would be a hit if brought back,but only if the game style stuck to that of the originals and not the new Skylander version of Spyro. Personally I find him to look too boxy in shape and aggressive which aposes the friendly dragon aspect of Spyro’s nature.

A third game mentioned which I found really interesing was actually the series of Harry Potter games. Although the most recent ones are already on newer gen consoles, (this article being typically aimed at games on the Playstation 1 and 2), people wanted to see the return of the earlier games such as the first two. I am all for this idea. The firt two Harry Potter games, (The Philosophers stone and The chamber of secrets) were so different to the games that followed. They were all about puzzles and adventure and portrayed the wizarding world in a very interesting way. Just like Spyro I played those games through and through so would love to see the whole series make a remastered return to the next gen consoles. In fact, I hope to replay the entire series and write a future article on the experience of doing this.

Other honourable mentions were games such as Blood Rayne, Conker, Zork, Hogs of war and even The lion king on PC. I think what this is telling us is that gamers really want the old classics being brought back, which when matched with the more advanced qualities of gaming development now, could prove for a big money maker and peak popular interest. So to any game developers out there feeling a little ambitious,I would definitly get on remastering the old classics or even making new additions to their series. Either way, as long as the style of games isn’t changed too much,I am all for the remaking of classics and can’t wait to play the new Ratchet and Clank when it arrives to the PSN store.

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