All the news from the latest Nintendo Direct

All the news from the latest Nintendo Direct

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Colors and Jpop for everyone!

The Nintendo Direct stream on the 3rd of March wasn’t that exciting, nor jammed packed with juicy teasers, and I’ll explain why in a moment. But let’s review wha we were shown.

Nintendo announced a couple of new titles, the most noticeable Paper Mario: Color Splash. In this new title for the in the Paper Mario series, our beloved paper Mario has to deal with a rather interesting problem: the colours in the Mushroom kingdom are vanishing and, with the help of a special hammer which acts as a brush, he has to save the day once again. This game is coming to the Wii U later this year.

Next we have two titles from the Star Fox saga: one is Star Fox Zero, which was announced during last year E3’s direct. This Wii U title looks promising, with a not so linear story mode, a large number of scenarios and vehicles and of course the famous characters from the Star Fox series. This title will be released on the 22nd of April with the possibility to purchase a special edition, including a steel book with the game plus the brand new Star Fox Guard. 

This is a sort of tower defense game starring the (sort of) lovable Slippy, who will help his uncle, Grippy, to protect his extraction site. This game has over 100 levels, plus the ones you can create and the ones other players will create and share on the Nintendo platform. This title will be available as a stand alone game through the Nintendo eShop on the same day.

If you love RPGs, check the next two titles. Fire Emblems Fates, the last chapter of the Fire Emblem saga, for the 3DS will finally lunch in Europe on the 20th of May. The second is Tokyo Mirage #FE. This title is a mix of the great RPG elements you can find in an ATLUS title (Shin Megami Tensei anyone?) plus… Jpop music? If you love the latest jpop music scene and well balanced jrpgs, then this is the game for you.

This is basically it. I mean apart from the remake of Dragon Quest VII for the 3DS there are not any noticeable new games. If you were expecting some Zelda love, then you probably walked away empty handed. Hirule Warriors Legends was announced, sure. But it is not a Zelda game, it is a mousu spin off of the series. The lack of even the slight tease about the new Zelda title shown at last year’s E3 made fans furious. In my modest opinion, you can expect the new Legend of Zelda to become a launch title for the upcoming Nintendo NX, similarly to what happened with Twilight Princess, initially for the Gamecube then Wii’s launch title.

This year will be really important for Nintendo. All the hints and leaks about the NX console means this year’s E3 will be exciting to watch. And Nintendo needs a fresh start.


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