What did you miss in the second Suicide Squad trailer?

What did you miss in the second Suicide Squad trailer?

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This week the second Suicide Squad trailer dropped and set social media into a fever of speculation and hype, but what did you miss in the trailer?

The new Suicide Squad trailer landed on Tuesday and was met with immediate support from the majority of the fan community. The trailer featured Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and certainly showed it is up to the standard of the majority of super hero flicks out there. The film looks like it is going to be having a lot of fun with a large group of DC villains, both well-known and relatively unknown. We learned a lot about the tone of the film in the trailer but the broad strokes of the plot still seem to be a mystery up to this point. However, your friendly neighbourhood comic book expert has been watching and re-watching the trailer for the last day and I’m ready to tell you what you missed in the second Suicide Squad trailer…

The trailer opens on Jai Courtney‘s Captain Boomerang pleading for his release from his cell. If this is situation is related to the comics this is probably due to Boomerang having made a deal with the nefarious Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis, who has probably double-crossed him. We get a shot or two of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Will Smith’s Deadshot showing how each enjoy their time in prison followed by some quick flashes of Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje’s Killer Croc, Jay Hernandez’s El Diablo and another shot of Captain Boomerang.


The following scene is from the previous trailer and simply shows Amanda Waller talking with some other military heads about assembling the Suicide Squad, the scene is almost directly lifted from the New 52 Suicide Squad series and probably serves as a nice nod to fans of the comics.


The trailer jumps to Deadshot as a riot squad rushes his cell, he adopts a weak fighting stance which makes me think he has probably been through this sort of thing several times and isn’t expecting to win against these men. The men begin to work Deadshot over, I’m going to guess this is probably when he is given the chance to be a member of the Suicide Squad. We see a few other members of the team in compromising positions and a team of surgeons. It’s most likely these are the scenes where the task force will be implanted with bombs to kill them if they step out of line.


The team are seen in boot camp with a group of soldiers of some description. This could be where they receive a degree of training or possibly a test of the team’s strength as we see both Boomerang and Adam Beach’s Slipknot punching the soldiers. The trailer cuts to Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag reviewing Deadshot’s profile where it states Deadshot was arrested in Gotham City. It’s interesting to note Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress appears to be massaging Rick in this scene however she doesn’t seem to have her abilities yet. There is a theory the Enchantress could be one of two villains in this piece as there appears to be a lot of black goo around in the second half of the trailer which is one of her trademarks. There are some more flickering images and we see Enchantress in her true form more in line with her comic book appearance.


Harley starts to ramble about the voices in her head and we see how some of the other characters are slightly intimidated by her. We jump to a bombing raid upon Midway city, a DC equivalent of Chicago, which is probably a part of the operation the Suicide Squad are involved in. We get a series of shots of the city in turmoil, things are on fire and covered in black goo as the result of a large attack by a metahuman force. We see the squad in an office block fighting some form of goons who appear to be superhuman; these could be zombies or thralls of Enchantress.


Jared Leto’s Joker appears talking to an unknown character, this leads into a series of cuts showing members of the Joker’s gang and Joker dressed in a variety of costumes. It’s possible some of these could be Harley’s flashbacks about how she came to be on the squad. There are some more cuts and we see Enchantress talking to Amanda Waller about having some fun. Before we see Joker laughing to himself in a room filled with knives, roses and bottles of champagne which is most likely set out for or by Harley Quinn.


There’s a quick close up on Karen Fukuhara as Katana looking extremely similar to her comic book counterpart. Deadshot loads up his gun before we see more of the squad members preparing for battle and we get a quick look at Harley in some form of nightclub, possibly owned by Joker. More shots of a helicopter bombing the city and a few quick moments of what appears to be the Joker gang again. We hit the big ‘who is that’ moment of the trailer as we see some huge monster tearing through a train. I’ve hunted around the web and my bet is with the theory first suggested by IGN that the creature may be OMAC, a lesser known Batman and Suicide Squad enemy.

omac 03 (1)

OMAC is a hulking anti-hero that is the result of alien technology, his story has an almost Terminator vibe to it, and he certainly has the power needed to take on the Suicide Squad. Next we see a bunch of punch shots and a shot of Deadshot fighting what looks like a horde of enemies in Gotham City. We get a bunch of shots of the team looking cool before we see another shot of the creature, which may or may not be OMAC, extending its arm to take out a group of armed security.

suicide-squad (1)

More quick shots, we see El Diablo using his pyromancy on something in the office block from the beginning of the trailer. We see Joker diving into a vat of chemicals, reminiscent of his origins. We see him lifting Harley out of the chemicals in what all most looks like a baptism ceremony. This is most likely a retelling of her origin story. There’s a final series of jump cuts and single shots as we see a portion of the team standing in front of a large portal opening up to somewhere, which if technological could be to do with OMAC and if mystical could be related to Enchantress.


Finally we a nice scene between Harley and some of the soldiers as she smashes a window for a purse and reasons ‘We’re bad guys, it’s what we do,’ ending the trailer. I think that’s just about everything but if you have found anything I’ve missed, or you have your own theories on the plot of the film, message me in the comments section.


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