Messi talks about his rivalry with Ronaldo

Messi talks about his rivalry with Ronaldo

Norbert Schirmer Phd Thesis Freshly after winning the Champions League, Barcelona's meteoric winger talked about his long-standing rival...


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Ana Maria Rey Phd Thesis The debate regarding the supposed superiority of Lionel Messi over Cristiano Ronaldo – and vice versa – occurs in all settings imaginable. From innocuous school playgrounds to expletive-filled Internet forums, everyone has their verdict on it. Even grandma, between two sips of tea… But what do the two protagonists actually think about that lingering argument. Well, this week, Lionel Messi provided a very intriguing answer…

Essay On Equal Pay For Equal Work In the build-up to the Copa America, the iconic ‘number 10′ gave a rare interview to ShortList. When the inevitable question about CR7 popped up, he actually refuted the claim that there is a heated competition between him and the Real Madrid hotshot : “There is no rivalry. It’s something the media invented. We both want to do well for our clubs, it is not Messi vs Ronaldo, it never has been.”

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Research Papers On Service Delivery Interestingly, a few hours after clenching his second consecutive Ballon d’Or (January 2015), Ronaldo himself asserted that his rivalry with the talismanic Argentine was a huge stimulus, before adding that the feeling was reciprocal. “I’m sure that the competition between us is a motivating factor for him too,” the Portuguese ace said while still in the grips of euphoria.

Parents Doing Kids Homework “It’s good for me, for him and for other players who are keen to grow.

“Messi has four Ballon d’Or awards, I have three. This is all good for the world of football.” Buy Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium oem The debate ‘Ronaldo v Messi’ is the sporting equivalent of the old “who was the better revolutionary between Nelso Mandela and Martin Luther King ?” or even “who embodied holiness the most between Gandhi and Mother Teresa ?”.

Regarding CR7 and La Pulga, purists will simply tell the fans that instead of the juvenile back-and-forth over who is better, they should just press ‘rewind’ on the duo’s eyebrow-raising goals, contemplate their ankle-breaking dribbles and rejoice unanimously over their footballing genius.