Meet the Inhumans

Meet the Inhumans

The Inhuman Royal family is at hand.

In the countdown to the new instalment to the MCU (coming 2018), it’s important that we brush up on our Inhuman knowledge. Yes, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has helped us gain an understanding of what they’re like, but has it helped? Are Inhumans occasionally spiky people who see into the future or rampaging beasts that can turn back and forth into humans? Let’s start at the beginning.

Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans. He has five brides that came with this title, one being his cousin Medusa. His Inhuman ability allows him to harness electrons while also being able to control and bend them to his will, aided by the tuning fork-like implement in his head. This is attached to the language centre of his brain, meaning that his voice is very much a part of who he is. The ability to manipulate electrons means he has a powerful voice. Powerful enough that a whisper can wobble the biggest ship or a full-on shout can destroy planets if he so wishes. He is also able to fly and has a limited telepathic talent. This is usually how he conveys his messages to the Inhuman populace, using Medusa as a mouthpiece for his thoughts.

Now, Medusa is something else entirely. Second cousin to Black Bolt, they fell in love when they had learned to communicate with one another via sign language. Black Bolt was taught how to control his power until he was the age of eighteen, and in that time, Medusa had developed an attraction towards him. Her Inhuman ability allows her to manipulate the hair on her head. She can lift things many times her own weight, protect herself and others and use it to pack a punch into someone’s gut. It can also be used for very fine motor skills such as threading a needle. She is incredibly powerful when provoked and means well when it comes down to the Inhuman race. Don’t get on her bad side.

Gorgon is half-bull, half-man. The Terrigen Mists transformed his feet into hooves, allowing him to create seismic-like waves with an almighty stomp. He is a cousin of Black Bolt and as such is a member of the Royal Inhuman family. Gorgon is one of Black Bolt’s personal bodyguards, as well as being responsible for training Inhumans in their new abilities that have recently been exposed to the Terrigen Mists.

Karnak was never exposed to the Terrigen Mists. He is a great thinker and a lover of logic. Having trained in the Royal militia, he has combat moves most men can only dream of. Despite not having any extra Inhuman abilities, Karnak is a master at finding weak points to even the most toughest of foes or objects. In one storyline, he can be seen scratching vibranium-made glass, which is virtually unbreakable, ending up breaking the whole window with just his finger. Karnak gives advice and council to Black Bolt when the time comes for it.

Triton, brother to Karnak and also cousin to Black Bolt, was the reason Karnak never underwent Terrigenesis. His alteration was so severe that he took on a green hue and couldn’t survive outside of an aquatic environment. Subsequently, he was able to breathe underwater and withstand the immense pressures below, but his parents forbade Karnak to enter the Mists because Triton’s change was considered “too severe”. He also underwent Royal militia training.

Crystal is sister to Medusa. She has mastery over the elements – that’s earth, fire, air and water. She can bend them to her will in any combination to even produce electricity. Crystal has received combat training off Karnak, so she’s an incredibly formidable foe whether close-up or from afar. She can withstand harsh temperatures with ease due to her ability to manipulate the very atoms around her. Having a mastery over hot and cold as well, Crystal has also demonstrated a little solidarity in electromagnetic generation.

Lockjaw is a dog with teleportational skills. He is usually the primary way of travel for Inhumans as they pass from moon to Earth and all over the place. Just as his name suggests, he has an incredibly powerful jaw and when he latches onto something, it’s very difficult to prize him off. Lockjaw heeds Black Bolt’s subtle telepathic commands, making him an ideal candidate to teleport the Royal Inhuman family to safety and out of harm’s way.

Maximus the Mad is not your typical crazy scientist. Younger brother to Black Bolt, his introduction to the Terrigen Mists showed no outward signs of change. He has a genius-level intellect as well as an aptitude for all things mechanical, biological or otherwise, becoming increasingly handy at inventing. He created a device to sustain Triton above water level as well as many different guns in his time to amplify his mental abilities. Often found sneaking around or being up to no good, Maximus has a Loki-like ability to manipulate others and to wants to bring Black Bolt to his downfall, trying time and time again to usurp Attilan’s throne. Unfortunately for Maximus, his mental instability often means he’s unable to use his abilities to their full potential.

So here we have the main Inhumans. Who do you think sounds the most interesting, or who has always been your favourite? It will be interesting to see who they cast and who is included in the film. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.


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