A meal of portuguese taste

A meal of portuguese taste

Let’s talk about the francesinha.

Let’s start from the beginning, francesinha (which can be translate to little French girl) was a dish created by a man called Daniel Silva back in the fifties. He was an immigrant from France that adjusted a typical receipt from there to more characteristic ingredients from the north of Portugal and he’s home town Porto.

So the francesinha is made with:

  • Two large slices of bread.
  • A thin cow steak.
  • Fresh sausage.
  • Spicy sausage.
  • Slices of mortadella.
  • Allot of cheese.
  • And to top it off a secret sauce with a little spice in it.

If you ask any Portuguese person, they would say that the sauce is the most important and characteristic part of this famous Portuguese dish. The meal itself can be changed according to someone’s taste, but the dressing must be on point for one to be able to call it a francesinha.

Being a proud Portuguese I’m very happy to share this with you, because now you can have the Portuguese taste available  here in London in the restaurant Frhappy that just opened last month. You can even try a couple of others dishes from Portugal if you’re a gastronomic curious our just a food lover.

The place is very cosy and has some beautiful art on the walls, that will carry you to another splendid city  for one special meal.

The plates are divided in three sizes :

  • Mademoiselle.
  • Regular.
  • XL.

And if you want the real experience you have to eat it with French fries and a good cold beer, so don’t waste your time thinking where to go this weekend I already found you the place!
You can thank me latter.


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