Living in fear of terrorism

Living in fear of terrorism

Terrorism is a cruel and inhuman even when we get to live in peace?

What do you know about terrorism?

What we all know is that terrorism is something brutal and inhuman that terrorises anyone. The worst feeling is that the faceless enemy was just an ordinary person walking amongst us.

At the moment Europe lives a sad situation with these attacks – in January 2015 the newspaper Charlie Hebdo of Paris suffered attacks. In the same year, last November, there were coordinated attacks in six different parts of the city.

The latest target of the attacks was at the airport and subway of Brussels in Belgium. Three of the four terrorists who were summoned to kill died leaving only the chaos of explosions that were inside their bags. Officially only the El- Bakraoui brothers who were in the subway station were identified.

Who are these people? Are they predestined to do something so violent?

It is difficult to understand and explain what happens inside the head of every human being; when it involves religion or politics complicates even more – there are bigoted people, who are devout followers of a cult not detach until achieve their goals.

There are many terrorist groups around the world, the most feared is the Islamic state, known for cruelty and mass slaughter. We have become accustomed to their scary videos they make, published worldwide decapitating those considered “infidels”. Their fight against the way of life of the West and the unification of Muslims in a territory.

The curious thing is that even though it is a cruel act in some places terrorism is not seen as a bad thing. Supporters of the militant Islamic state recognise terrorism as an act of freedom – the terrorist is recognised as a “freedom fighter”. They become martyrs and spiritual leaders for taking their lives for their country and it’s beliefs.

Another clear example would be the USA who recognise the FARC (Revolucinárias Forces of Colombia) as a terrorist group supported by drug trafficking. Other visions recognise the group as armed guerrillas armed attacking military posts and infrastructure of the Colombian state because they are fighting a struggle for rights and survival.

The biggest issue with terrorism is that it involves the lives of innocent people. We all have fear and we do not know when it will happen – we live concerned about our present and future of our children.

It is unfair to witness so many deaths of innocent people, so many families losing a loved one, so much hatred in the heart of terror, even when we ordinary citizens are subjected to live this way?

Carolina Farani
Graduate in Social Communication ( marketing, publicity and advertising) and Post Graduate MBA in Marketing. I am formed as an advertising actress as well. What I love most is art and writing, in fact my life is pure art.


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