What did Justin Bieber think of Selena’s ”Hands To Myself” video?

What did Justin Bieber think of Selena’s ”Hands To Myself” video?

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I think we can all agree that Selena's ''Hands To Myself'' video was HOT , but what did ex Justin Bieber think of it?

Recently, singer and actress Selena Gomez released a sexy new music video for ”Hands To Myself”. There have been many mixed opinions about this music video, but we have all come to one conclusion, if this doesn’t make Justin Bieber jealous, nothing will! So what did he think of this steamy video of his ex-girlfriend?

In this video, Selena is a crazy stalker breaking into crush Christopher Mason (model)’s house, and getting arrested. Not only has Selena stripped down, she is also filmed kissing Christopher, and surely that had to hit Justin where it hurts… Selena and Justin have had a long, up-and-down relationship, but when he saw this video, well, he couldn’t stop watching it! At first he didn’t want to watch it because he already knows ‘how sexy Selena is’, but now that he has seen it, he keeps it close so that he can watch it over and over again, according to an insider at Hollywood Life.

I think it’s safe to say that Justin loves his ex-girlfriend’s new music video, and is definitely jealous of seeing her with another man. Despite their rollercoaster relationship, it doesn’t look like Justin and Selena are going to be Jelena again any time soon, instead they are trying to move on from each other and see other people.

 Then again, it sounds as though Selena is perfectly happy with her new man, Niall Horan. Supposedly, he has been buying her sweet Christmas gifts and also said that he wants to marry her! It’s sweet that Selena has moved on; after years of being with the wrong person, has the finally found Mr. Right? I’m sure Niall will look after her. Although, the One Direction fans aren’t exactly happy about their relationship, but the Selentors are over the moon for her!



There are, of course, reports that Justin has a new girl, Kourtney Kardashian. They have been hanging out quite a bit recently, but who knows, maybe they’re just friends. Nothing has been confirmed, not yet.

They have been having a hard time getting over each other, but it seems like they are both moving on, and we are happy for them both, right? Who do you want to see together? Justin and Selena or Niall and Selena?


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