John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015

The festive season begins as John Lewis unveil new Christmas Advert.

It is the time of year again when John Lewis bring out their highly anticipated Christmas advert, and this year it has most definitely lived up to the hype. It even brought a tear to my eye!

This year, the hugely popular department store have used their Christmas campaign to help raise awareness and money for Age UK, the UK’s largest charity to support the elderly. Staff and customers are also being encouraged by the store to team up with their local Age UK branch to support elderly people in their community that may spend Christmas alone.


John Lewis have spent a whooping £7 million on the Christmas campaign this year including other features, such as a smartphone game and merchandise, which includes glow in the dark pyjamas. They will also decorate areas in their stores like the surface of the moon in 11 of their department stores across the UK.

The new Christmas advert also broke last years ad’s record of 14,000 social media mentions in the first 24 hours of it being shown, with a massive 23,000 social media mentions in the first 2 hours alone! The heart-warming Christmas advert received 16,396 social media mentions in the first hour, with people using the hashtags #ManOnTheMoon and #OnTheMoon. Both of which, were used as teaser hashtags by John Lewis.


The touching advert focuses on a lonely old man living in a crater on the moon and young girl, who spots the old man through her telescope and tries to make contact with him in various way. She then eventually manages to deliver him a present on Christmas day, to which he sheds a tear of joy. The soundtrack to the John Lewis Christmas advert this year is sung by 19 year old Norwegian Aurora Aksnes.

SOURCE John Lewis Youtube Page
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