Is Jay Alvarrez really living the dream?

Is Jay Alvarrez really living the dream?

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As you may, or of course, may not know, Jay Alvarrez is a 22 year old model, most famous for travelling the world accompanied with his equally gorgeous girlfriend, Alexis Ren. They have spent the last year or so exploring, discovering and enjoying the world, uploading it onto YouTube for the mere mortals (you and I) to watch in a polite jealous rage.

However, the power couple of paradise seem to be experiencing some issues. It was always very clear, in the way that Alvarrez expressed his feelings all over Instagram for Ren, that he was totally besotted with her. What is now becoming more and more unclear is what on earth has happened to them and all these feelings.

Rumours emerged early this week that ‘love’s young dream’ had split. Absolutely heartbreaking, I know. Where are the Twitter fuelled teens going to get their #relationshipgoals from now? Even as I write now the story is evolving.

LATEST: Jay Alvarrez cheated on Alexis Ren. IS HE MAD?!


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