How to run an Avenger’s Marathon

How to run an Avenger’s Marathon

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With Avengers: Age Of Ultron released this week it might be time for a marathon, gather your mates together and strap in because it going to be a long one!

The shared Marvel Cinematic Universe is insanely huge, to watch every piece of content in order would take several days when you include Agents of Shield, Agent Carter, Daredevil and all the short films used as DVD extras. So, how could you possibly run an Avengers marathon? I mean you couldn’t just watch the two Avengers films, but that’s only a beginner level marathon, you need something that’s going to last through the night! You could attempt all the main series films but it’s an almost impossible task.

For today, I’m going to stick with a Marvel Phase one marathon, covering the lead up to the Avengers. Maybe when Ant-Man hits DVDs I’ll have a crack at Phase Two, but for now this is, in my opinion, the best marathon you can attempt.


I have already covered how to set up a marathon space in my previous ‘How to run a Star Wars marathon‘ article but there are some easy ways to tailoring your living room for an Avenger-thon. If you and your friends can pool your money, go out to your local toy store and buy some Avenger’s dress up gear, you can get Cap’s shield and Thor’s hammer for around £15 in stores and even cheaper online. The next thing you can pick up are standees, normally costing between £10-£20 these life size cutouts of the Avengers can be bought from Forbidden Planet and tonnes of online store. Now you’ve got all your friends dress as Avengers and a living room filled with standees pick up some finishing touches such as themed ice cube moulds and maybe even a few relevant comic books. If you put the work in you can get something like this:


Now you have the room all set, it’s time to get to the films. I’m going to assume your starting the marathon around seven in the evening which will allow you to get everyone fed before attempting the Thor-level feat. The entire marathon will last 10 hours and 3 minuets, including twenty minute bathroom breaks between films. Here’s how it breaks down:

19:00-21:06: Iron Man

A really nice gentle start. This is a relatively short film from Marvel comics that your group should get through pretty easily. It’s all made easier by Robert Downey Jr.’s brilliant performance of course.

21:06-21:26: First Bathroom break

21:26-23:18: The Incredible Hulk

This will be one of the toughest films in the whole marathon, if your intending to have a drink and get some pizza in do it now. Also if your looking to cut a film from the marathon, this is the one.

23:18-23:38: Second Bathroom Break

23:38-01:43: Iron Man Two

If your drinking while watching your marathon Iron Man Two is a good one to knock back a few beers with. The film is very action driven and perfect for turning off your mind a little.

01:43-02:03: Third Bathroom Break

02:03-03:57: Thor

When watching this film I recommend having competitions over who makes the best Loki and Thor, mostly because everyone’s version of Thor is hilarious! This is a fairly short movie but it hits a little late in the evening so do your best to rally your fellow marathoners.

03:57-04:17: Forth Bathroom Break

04:17-06:21: Captain America: The First Avenger

As light begins to creep over the horizon and the Avengers inches closer and closer you need to really push your group though this film. Many people will tell you it’s once of the weakest Marvel films and while I don’t agree with that opinion at 4am anything would feel weak. If anyone wants to take a nap break let them do it here.

06:21-06:41: Fifth Bathroom Break

06:41-09:03: Avengers Assemble

Okay this is the big one! You have watched eight hours of films up to this point and the finish line is in sight. Wake everyone up, get them all fed and pass out some drinks, your about to cross the finish line in style! This shouldn’t be too tough to finish. Once you push yourself though, the cathartic pay off Avengers Assemble will feel like you have climbed your way to Asgard to be welcomed by Odin into the halls of Valhalla.

…please drop a note in the comment section if you give this a go and tell me how it plays out, marathoners assemble!


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