The hidden gems of Marvel gaming

The hidden gems of Marvel gaming

With Marvel fever gripping the world everyone is looking for a great Marvel game but there are some fantastic hidden gems out there.

Everyone wants to be an Avenger right? Soar like Iron Man over New York City or save the world from Nazi’s like Captain America. I mean, that’s why we watch the movies isn’t it? We want to be superheroes. It’s only natural then that the entire fan community, from movie-lovers to hard-core comicbook readers, want a decent Marvel game. The problem is, there are really very few. In the mainstream gaming market we have only really ever had the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series, a duology of top down brawlers, a handful of decent Spiderman games and the Marvel Vs Capcom titles. However, looking away from triple A developers there are a few fantastic hidden gems out there.

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Marvel have a slew of apps out for IOS and Android with varying degrees of quality. The majority of the games revolve around basic freemium design, with players having to balance waiting and paying to unlock the majority of characters. If you’re a Marvel fan it can become pretty tough to wait for upwards of a week to unlock your favourite hero on the likes of Marvel’s Future Fight or Contest of Champions. Each game comes in a slightly different flavour as a reskin of a different game. Marvel Contest of Champions plays a lot like the Mortal Kombat app with one on one fighting while Future Fight is more about a three on three brawl like the Injustice app. Marvel Puzzle Quest is basically Candy Crush, Spider-Man Unlimited is a reskinned Temple Run and Avengers Alliance draws a lot of gameplay from time management games like Simpson’s Tapped Out or Clash of Clans. Each game takes a genre and does it pretty well. I can guarantee that if you are a fan of any of the titles I’ve mentioned above you will appreciate their Marvel brethren, which in many cases are better designed and cheaper to invest in.


Another facet to the world of Marvel gaming is the vast majority of websites that play host to Marvel themed games such as which has many Marvel themed games such as Spiderman: Attack of the Green Goblin or Iron Man 3. The games play like extremely stylised slot machines with the option to play for free or for money. The quality of the games are high with cut scenes and many subtle nods to the lore of both the films and the comic books making the games perfect for fans of the comics. In research for this article I tried several of the games and found them surprisingly engaging and, in some cases, a vast improvement on the Marvel app selection out there.

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Marvel also have their Diablo-style online game Marvel Heroes, which you can access at but due mostly to a lack of character creation and variety the game struggles to pull in the numbers needed to support its own infrastructure. If you are a die-hard Marvel fan you will probably enjoy the story line, as it is written by top Marvel writers such as Brian Michael Bendis, but movie fans may get a little bored or lost. There is a vast wealth of games out there right now, so why not go out and be an Avenger? It’s time to assemble.

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