Height restrictions apply: Why I hate short men

Height restrictions apply: Why I hate short men

https://cheapdissertationwriting.com/about/ cheap dissertation writing Why society would be a better place without short men.

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Being 5 ft 8 I’m neither considered short or tall, I am in that overly occupied space that exists in between absolute midget and towering giant, I am what society nicely refers to as ‘normal’ height. I could probably add an extra inch to that height with my extraordinary big hair but on average I am nicely portioned and can make direct eye contact with most normal sized people.

Essay Writing Service We have height restrictions on fairground rides to protect the small and underdeveloped, so it got me thinking, why can’t entry into my life have height restrictions also.

https://cheapdissertationwriting.com/create-order cheap dissertation writing I hate short men, there I said, in fact I despise them. What exactly is appealing in being seen with or even dating someone who looks like an overgrown baby? I want a man, a real man, someone who is either my equal in terms of height or someone I need to extend my neck just so they can hear my voice from all the way down there. Tallness is sexy, shortness is not, so when a guy below the height of 5 ft 8 messages me, I instantly let out the saddest sigh and vomit in my mouth.

https://cheapdissertationwriting.com Dissertation Writing service Any man who is below 5 ft 8 is quite literally dead to me, do they even deserve to be called men? Or even human beings for that matter? Seeing gnomes walk around thinking they are high and mighty is amusing but eventually the novelty wears thin, It’s like seeing a toddler in daddy’s suit. Short “men” are pretending to be real men, and that just doesn’t measure up with me.

essay writing service The worst case scenario is when these midgets actually have the nerve and the audacity to pretend to be tall on their dating profiles, it clearly said they were 5 ft 10 on their profile, so why am I now bending my knees just to be able to converse with this small insufficient human?

essay writing service It’s a such a shame as some pint-sized men have rather attractive faces, but no amount of leg-lengthening surgery will measure up to my high expectations of what a real man should look like.

Essay Writing Service Short men also seem to have some kind of chip on their little shoulders, it’s almost as if they have to overcompensate for being genetic failures, and to see their little bodies being all aggressive and angry is rather comical.

https://cheapdissertationwriting.com/prices cheap dissertation writing Is their inferior height an issue to them? Is the social ridicule of looking like a man child too much to handle? Is it embarrassing having to shop in the children’s clothing department just to find jeans that will fit those undersized little legs? Thankfully I will never have to put myself through the emotional stress and agony of dating a pocket sized man as I wholeheartedly refuse to even acknowledge their inadequate existence, and to be fair they are easy enough to miss.

cheap essay writing service I want to stamp on short men like little crawling ants, I wish they would not try to engage in conversation with me, I wish they would not message me on dating sites with their little puny fingers and I wish they would just disappear off the face of the earth, no really I mean, it feels like the attack of the ridiculously small midgets and they are everywhere, taking over our streets and civilisation and destroying the very fabric of my soul.

https://cheapessaywritings24.com/about Buy Essay Online It’s time we as a society stand up tall and say NO to the Short Man, NO to their short comings and NO to these Halflings who quite simply cannot measure up. I want a man, not a dwarf who needs a step ladder just to reach my shoulders.

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  1. lol-someone is quite delusional to say the least as 5’8″ IS short so i can imagine that there are 6′ men who feel the exact same about him at his height. this appears to be a case of extreme self hatred so i wonder if he is also a homophobe too? btw, you know what society would REALLY be better without-prejudice and discrimination.

  2. Bro I’m 6’2″ and have no issues with short people at all. I hope this is satire because if not you need to get yourself checked out because of the hatred you have. 5’8″ isn’t “average” it’s short as well; so maybe instead of hating other short guys look at yourself first.

  3. It sure is funny how often people of disparate groups seem to have no problem hating short men. If the same hate were directed their way, they no doubt would be screaming “discrimination” and suing/firing whomever it was that offended them.

    Doctoral Dissertation California San Francisco Anaya Mr. Lee, was this actually a satirical piece or are you just a hypocrite?

    • Research Paper Purchase Your record, Christopher Allen Hamre, as the president of the National Organization of Short Statured Adults, Inc. – an organization that was formed as a direct result of my complaints to state agencies here in the U.S. about fraudulent representation on the Internet, leaves much to be desired. You are one pathetic individual. I wouldn’t go railing about Mr. Lee’s article if I were you. That’s not to support this trash; I’m not supporting it, but what I am doing is calling a cuck like you out for allowing himself to be used for 8 years by a two-bit petty con-artist. You’re not even worth the time it has taken me to type this, but I am writing this for the record so that losers like you will never darken the door of activism again. You belong in your one-room basement apartment, looking at comic books, and dreaming about the $30,000 a year salary that you were promised by the two-bit petty con-artist that you were willing to follow almost to the grave.

      • http://fmindesign.in/dissertation-defense-announcement/ Dissertation Defense Announcement Joe, you really are a brave guy on the internet aren’t you? Witnessing you in real life tho, I know you that is far from the truth. The way you talk, it is hard to tell that you are close to 60 years old.; you name call like a child.

        It sure is funny that you say that I am not worth the time but yet you took the time to write it (I am flattered..lol) and you have talked about me quite extensively at your website too from what I understand. How much time do you devote to talking about me? But, I am not worth the time? lol

        Personal Statement High School Maybe when you ever get out of the institution, you can grow a pair and come say those things to my face…lol;. nice of them to let you use the internet but maybe you went off your meds again.

        cheap dissertation writing service cheap essay writing service BTW, you aren’t worth the crap that’s on my toilet paper! Really Joe, I feel sorry for you. I am sure short man hating Mike Lee would be happy to end your misery…lol.

      • High School Book Reports P.S. I was never promised $30,000 a year, do you have some written proof of that? NOSSA was a NON PROFIT, it was voluntary. There was no compensation. You have been claiming NOSSA was fraudulent for ten years now. Do you have some tangible proof of this besides the complaint you filed with the New York Attorney General in 2006? I understand NOSSA closed it’s doors in 2013, if your complaint was filed in 2006 how come the organization wasn’t shut down then, can you explain that? The attorney general would have investigated right? Unless, of course, your complaint didn’t have much merit. Yet, still, the non profit (well me) refunded your $50.00. Quit crying like a baby! You have a problem with me, come to Brooklyn and say it to my face or shut your mouth (well, stop posting on the internet tough guy).

        • Dissertation Database Proquest The National Organization of Short Statured Adults, Inc. was started In New York State USA on November 14, 2006 by Matthew S. Campisi in direct response to my complaints to 2, not 1, state agencies for fraudulent representation on the Internet and engathering money under the false representation of a legitimate incorporated non-profit. And it was only started after my complaints to those agencies. Matthew S. Campisi, whom you collaborated with, fraudulently represented the website http://www.nossaonline.org as an incorporated non-profit for well over a year. You might have suspected this, but probably “looked the other way”. I have a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation from the Secretary of States Office in Albany NY, signed by your manipulator Matthew S. Campisi. And I have the Internet records of the website prior to that – proof positive of the fraudulent representation. My complaints forced the formation of the organization in November 2006. The fact that the NY Attorney General’s Office contacted Campisi is known. Campisi was forced to form the organization at that time. That’s the only reason it was formed. So you could say in a sense, that I was responsible for the forming of NOSSA. NOSSA was joke and so are you. Anything else you need?

          • Incidentally, The National Organization of Short Statured Adults, Inc. is STILL AN ACTIVE CORPORATION IN NEW YORK STATE as of the date of this writing – June 30, 2016. All you need to do is go to dos.ny.gov to see for yourself. Your inability to face reality is absolutely astounding. This is one reason why your organization failed. You were used as a dupe for 8 years, while Campisi was traveling the country. Get wise to yourself.

          • Dissertation Of Martin Luther King Joe, NOSSA started in February of 2006, you were present at the meeting over the internet were you not? . You didn’t supply the proof of the supposed $30.000 you said I was promised. Where did you come up with that? Did Matt promise YOU that?

            Is there a particular reason why you come after me only, there were other board members of NOSSA right? Not that you should be attacking anyone but I find it interesting that you think myself and Matt were the only ones with NOSSA..

            http://www.inglesesrl.com/claude-shannon-masters-thesis/ Claude Shannon Masters Thesis And further, if I am not worth your time, why do you keep berating me on Twitter “webmaster SFTS”? Maybe someone hacked your account, unless of course you are lying…lol. Why did you bother to take your time to show up at my protest in February of 2011 and even take pictures? Why didn’t you join me in the protest instead of hiding behind a car? Answer: You are a coward and always will be!

            Stop harassing me and stop talking about NOSSA! I resigned before it dissolved so I do not know why it is still listed ok. Get a life and again if you have a problem with me, come confront me…lol. I won’t hold my breath for that.

        • Websites That Help With Essays Your “handler” Matthew S. Campisi was a con artist and you were his dupe for 8 years. That is a fact. You’re a pathetic delusional individual who can no more face reality than you can make more than $12/hour. All your life you have been assisted by your own family, who feel sorry for you, and have been giving you handouts just to enable you to survive in the World. Your so-called “organization” failed because the person who set up the website was a two-bit petty con artist and manipulator, and who didn’t have the intellect, the fortitude, the courage, or the ability to articulate heightism in any meaningful way, and whom you followed while he controlled the website and any monies collected. You haven’t got the qualifications to be even a dog-catcher let alone an activist for an entire group of people. Your interview several years ago where the host just cut you off, indicates how “highly” valued were your words. You come off as an idiot and ARE an idiot and the host saw that and gave you what you deserved. You belong in your 1 room basement apartment viewing comic books and begging your relatives for charity, while you delude yourself to your last breath. I will waste no more of my valuable time with a loser like you. You and your NOSSA and your psychopathic handler are more properly relegated to the dustbin of History, while you live out your existence begging for handouts. Your destiny was already set, a long time ago.

  4. Haha, not surprising to see something this odd coming from a gay man, lol gay people are so crazy we need to go back to trying to cure them of their mental illness.

  5. I dunno if this stupid faggot is even being serious or sarcastic, but either way this shit isn’t the least bit funny. Eat shit and die, motherfucker.

  6. This is an incredible article written by a sick individual. I use the word ‘incredible’ in the pejorative. Such open hatred for a group would never be tolerated by any other group. As a matter of fact such an article – if written – based on race, religion, skin color, sex, sexual orientation, etc. would never even make it to the website, and if it did would generate thousands of complaints and maybe even death threats. The author would be fired immediately and it would be a national or even world-wide news story. The writer would never work anywhere else again as a writer. But this kind of hatred for short men is getting worse and worse, and the writer IS SHORT himself! I know most people reading this are not on page with respect to discrimination based on height (specifically short stature) but this bum takes heightism to a new level. My website http://www.supportfortheshort.org is all about this probably most acceptable of all prejudices, but this guy takes it to a new level. I could lambaste this scum with four-letter words but I won’t. This article is proof-positive of the acceptability of hatred to short people. By the way, much hatred directed at short men seems to come from the UK and sites like this one. I don’t think that this is a coincidence; as a matter of fact, a good deal of the traffic to my website COMES FROM the UK and especially the city of London.

  7. Hate to break it to you, author, but you are short. Everyone sees you as short. All of society sees you as one of the people you describe in this article, because you ARE one. You are not average height at all. I feel you are projecting major insecurities with this article. It’s really sad and I hope you eventually learn to love what you see in the mirror.

  8. Is it an ex? And old friend? Maybe a family member? Did he break your heart? Is that the reason you have so much hate ? You must be extremely broken or jelouse about other people to rite an article like this!
    Honey go look in the mirror before you start looking at other people, see others issues but don’t look at yourself!
    Only someone with no life, cruel and evil would talk about other humans like this !

  9. When I google “short men” now as of July 1, 2016 under news I get.:

    Height restrictions apply: Why I hate short men
    Daily News Service (satire) (registration)-Jun 27, 2016
    Being 5 ft 8 I’m neither considered short or tall, I am in that overly occupied space that exists in between absolute midget and towering giant, ..

    When I originally googled “short men” under News it didn’t say “satire”. The author of the article knows full well that he didn’t mean it as “satire”. He meant it as HATE, and he knows it. And so does the website. It was changed in response to my comments. This Gay man would not like similar comments being made about him being Gay, but he freely expresses hatred toward short men and he himself is short. And guess what? I’m getting more hits on my website now from the city of London in the last few days. That’s probably just a coincidence though . . . In any event I think Mr. Michael Lee and this website has gotten the message.

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