Fresh Meat returns for a final hurrah

Fresh Meat returns for a final hurrah

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After two years in the wilderness, the flatmates of 28 Hartnell Avenue on Fresh Meat returned to our screens as they are now in their final year. Before the group embark on a hectic schedule of trying to fulfil deadlines, they decide to have one last blowout.

At the beginning of the episode we are introduced to JP’s older and more serious brother, Tomothy (yes, a portmanteau of Tom and Timothy), who slightly resembles David Cameron in his Oxford years. He tries to whip the students into shape with his rather choice words of wisdom.

The gang are more or less in the same position as when we last saw them:  Vod is still living a hedonistic lifestyle as her debt is increasing by the second. Howard is still rather socially inept as he now lives in the cellar (Unbeknown to his flatmates) and is unaware that his girlfriend Candice has dumped him, until Josie has to spell it out for him. Josie still remains the optimist out of the group while her ex, Kingsley is now resorting to eating American cereals to make himself seem more interesting.

JP is still an oblivious toff who thinks that Scotland went independent as the group are concerned with the disappearance of Howard. Oregon’s now infatuated with her position as the president of the student union that she is now giving ‘inspiring’ talks to fellow third-year students and has also written a book in the process titled, The Short Walk to Freedom. A twist on Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom.

The show is still as humorous as ever and the vast diversity of the characters helps that to an extent. There are many good one-liners particularly from Jack Whitehall (JP). In reference to Howard’s disappearing act; “He’s probably up in Aberdeen. Sat on a trident, bathing in the Queen’s oil.” However I do believe that it is the right time to call it quits as the show is not quite as ripe as the first series that debuted 5 years ago.


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