Freedom to those who fight

Freedom to those who fight

The power of freedom can only be by your choice.

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Freedom, a single word that has been shared throughout history. The power to be in control, to be rid of the physical and mental restrains. It’s a chance to be ourselves, to live in harmony to live safe. Without freedom we are nothing, we wouldn’t have all these choices for our life path, we would be living someone else’s fantasy.

Freedom is to sufferer but this suffering will give us the power we need to fight, to fight for what we want. It gives us the chance to have the chance to live our dreams to be accepted the same as everyone else and it gives us the chance to be unique as well. We’re able to share our ideas with other people and to build a new world. For people who are unsure of their freedom or what they truly want to achieve, listen to yourself and ask what it is you have always wanted to be and when you find it never stop talking yourself out of achieving it.

Some of us are already born into freedom so it’s easy for us, we shouldn’t take it for granted we should use it to help those who don’t have the same rights as we do. These people still have to fight for their freedom because freedom today is still not being shared. We can help those people by spotting it first.

“Freedom means the opportunity to be what we never thought we would be.” – David J. Boorstin