Focus on creators instead of creations

Focus on creators instead of creations

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Instead of looking for more work related to a creation we like, instead we should look for more from the creator.

On November 25th The Good Dinosaur is going to be released in America and, while it is unclear when it will be released in England, I know that I will be going to see it, Why? Because it is made by Pixar of course and every single film they produce is a wonderful cocktail of skilled animation and methodical plotting which makes my inner child do the conga with glee. I also know that I am probably going to end up buying Star Wars Battlefront 3 when it hits stores November 17th because I adored the original games. However, Star Wars Battlefront 3 is being produced by DICE the people known for making the Battlefield gaming franchise. This essentially means I have no guarantee whatsoever about the quality of the game.


Sure, there are trailers out there and I know that some reviewers have managed to play small amounts of gameplay already but it’s very possible that Battlefront 3 will suck. However, no matter what quality the game is it will sell because gamers everywhere liked the original creation. This is a big problem that we are faced with in both the fledging mediums of video games and comic books, as the buying public lean towards content that is related to creations they already know and enjoy. In the comic book industry, Marvel Comics in particular have started to produce more series that are tangentially connected to their movie franchises as they sell better than other more fresh ideas. This is not a problem in older mediums such as in the film industry, consider the Hateful Eight:

Watch The Hateful Eight Trailer:

When The Hateful Eight is released in cinemas on Boxing Day it’s likely to become one of the most successful films of the year and yet it isn’t a sequel, a reboot or a tie-in. This is because, much like the Pixar example I gave earlier, the film is being made by a fantastic creator, Quentin Tarantino,  and we all know that Tarantino makes great films, including Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. This means that new stories and new ideas can still be successful because of their creator instead of their ties to other creations. This is how the medium of books has almost always worked, for example J.K. Rowling’s A Casual Vacancy jumped to the top of the book charts when it was released because readers know that Rowling is a good writer.


So before you go out and buy your next video game or comic book look at the ones you already have and look at the creators, Google them and find them on Twitter then find something you would have never normally brought and go buy it. You’ll find yourself led into worlds of fiction and gaming scenarios you would have never even considered and if you don’t enjoy them find a different creator and try them out, you will eventually find someone you have a connection with and that will be an entertaining connection for life. On the other hand, you could just stick to what you know and if you do that you don’t blame me when we’re getting Toy Story Seven the Wrath of EBay!



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