The double standards between men and women

The double standards between men and women

Have you ever noticed all the double standards in society?

There are so many double standards in society that people are still completely oblivious to, and I think it’s important in a society where we are getting closer and closer to equality to address them. Here are some of the most frustrating double standards that you may or may not have noticed.

  • Conversations

Have you ever noticed that men (not all men, but quite a few) have commonly had conversations with friends about pornography, other women’s bodies, sex and masturbation? Almost everybody around just laughs it off because it’s known as a normal ”guy thing”. If a woman mentioned anything about masturbation or sex they would be judged, which is why women feel like they have less of a freedom of speech to men, who can say anything they like. All of these things are natural, so we’re assuming that we’re all allowed to speak about things that are natural, right? Then how come whenever a woman talks about her period, even just slightly, they are told to shut up and that it is ”disgusting”?

Periods are a natural part of a woman’s life and they have every right to talk about it, just like men have a right to talk about masturbation, because that’s also natural. Growing up I had extremely bad period pains so whenever someone asked me what was wrong and I said ”period pains”, a woman would say ”yeah I understand how they feel” and a man would say ”that’s disgusting, why did you tell me that?” despite the fact that they were the one who asked. A man mentioning puberty is quite alright, too, which doesn’t make any sense.

  • Sleeping Around

On most TV programs nowadays, there is men who make comedy out of sleeping around – a woman could never do that. Nobody would watch a show about, what she would be called, a ”slut”. If a man sleeps around he is a legend, everybody has respect for him and asks him about it, but if a girl sleeps around she is judged for it. Nobody should be judged for their lifestyle choices, especially not if it’s just because of their gender. In fact, a woman who has slept with one man is usually judged.

I’m not saying it’s okay to sleep around, I’m saying that if that’s how someone chooses to live their life, let them. Whether it’s a man or a woman it’s none of your business how they choose to live their lives. This is a classic double standard that has been noticed by many people recently, especially in watching TV characters like Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother and thinking ”if that were a girl, she’d be judged.”

  • Rape

If a girl is raped, everyone says that the man is disgusting and deserves to be locked up. Everybody stands up for a girl who has just been violated – which should be a good thing, except for the massive double standard problem. If a man is raped, it’s not a big deal. In fact, many men go to prison for rape but many women don’t, and this makes it hard for men to stand up and admit they have been assaulted. That’s not the kind of print we need to be leaving on society. No matter what the gender, rape is wrong.

In 2015 it was on the news that a man had been forced drugs and raped by a woman, everybody was talking about it on sites like Twitter and Facebook, but not in a good way. In fact, someone said ”free drugs and sex from a woman, he’s the luckiest guy in the world!” but what most people fail to understand is that the whole point in it being called ‘rape’ is that it is unwanted, and without permission.

  • Violence

The violence situation is extremely similar to rape: if a man hits a woman he is a horrible monster, but if a woman his a man then the man is a ”wimp”. Violence of no kind is necessary nor should it be ignored, but far too many men are being denied justice and because of the society that we are in men are struggling everyday from being beaten by a woman and being too afraid to come out and say it.

This is why we need to address these double standards and let men and women everywhere know that it is okay to feel how you feel and it’s not okay for any gender – man or woman – to hurt you. This was noticed very shortly after a video went viral of a man being constantly hit in the face by his girlfriend in the street, nobody stopping to help and everybody laughing. Just because she’s a woman doesn’t make it okay.

  • Vulnerability

Society tells men constantly that they should be the ”man” of a relationship, that they cannot show weakness and they have to be the strong ones. This isn’t true whatsoever. In fact, most girls actually like a man who shows his affection and emotions. You are more likely to get a woman’s respect if you cry and open up to them than if you pretend to be the stronger one, this makes women feel like you don’t trust them or that you’re not comfortable around them. Be yourself to your woman!

Whenever a woman cries or shows unhappiness or ”weakness”, nobody bats an eyelid. It’s perfectly normal for a woman to cry, but if a man is seen crying someone will always say to them ”stop being such a woman.” I find this incredibly insulting and annoying. Although I’m not a man, I’ve had past relationships with those sorts of men who have felt as though they had to pretend to be strong and have no fears and it drove me crazy and made me feel like I had to be the same way. This is a typical, horrendous double standard.

Women and men should be EQUAL. They should have the exact same rights and be seen in the exact same way. You hear any double standards, speak out about it. That’s the only way we can make a difference.

What double standards can you think of?


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