Doppelgänger double

Doppelgänger double

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Have you got a twin or a doppelgänger?

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a twin? Whatever your thoughts are both having or not having a twin, imagine catching a flight one day to find your exact double! This week a picture has gone viral on the world wide web of two identical looking men, who happened to meet by chance, what are the odds in that happening? Like looking in a mirror, Neil Douglas found a man sat in his seat that looked like his identical twin and as you do they took a selfie right away.

It doesn’t end there though, when the pair arrived in Ireland they soon discovered that they had been booked into the same hotel and decided to hit the pub together. In fact the only difference that could be found with the pair is their height. Some people though think that this coincidence may be too good to be true, maybe separated at birth and some people called for a DNA test!

Having a doppelganger isn’t as rare as you would think though, there is a website called Twin Strangers where it is actually possible to find your identical look alike! Although I haven’t tried it out myself maybe you should.

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