Don Thompson goes McVegan and joins Beyond Meat

Don Thompson goes McVegan and joins Beyond Meat

McDonalds former CEO Don Thompson is no longer 'lovin' it' having left the company after 25years. The meaty taste doesn't have to spell murder, and the vegan burger company he has just moved to want to prove it.

McDonald’s former CEO Don Thompson will soon be making happier meals having joined the board of directors of a start-up company ‘Beyond Meat’ who are striving to replace all of the meat in burgers with plant based products. Beyond meat believes that meat tastes great, but the damage it causes our health, the environment and more importantly the animals, needs to be severely reduced. Their vision is based on the aim of 25/20 – 25% reduction in global meat consumption by 2020.

His move comes after 25 years at the popular fast food chain that has, in the past, been accused of using ammonia treated beef in their hamburgers known as ‘pink-slime’. Despite now claiming to use 100% beef, it is really rather unclear what McDonalds are happy to include in their food. Beyond Meat, on the other hand pride themselves on 100% plant protein, all from non- GMO sources, such as proteins from pea and soy.

Beyond Meat isn’t yet available in the Britain, but it is only a matter of time until the popular item makes it way over the pond to the growing market we have to offer. Until then there are still a few vegan friendly options on offer, from brands found in most large supermarkets such as Linda McCartney to ASDA’s own spicy burger. Satisfying a meaty craving no longer has to spell murder.


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