Doctor Who – Zygon Invasion Part 2

Doctor Who – Zygon Invasion Part 2

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The second part of the Zygon invasion, what will the outcome be?

Time to look back on part two of the amazing Zygon Invasion. Last time we saw the world being taken over by the Zygon force, with unit and even the Doctor’s companions infiltrated to the highest level and now we see the outcome.

With Clara trapped inside a make believe world and the Doctor assumed dead, this episode looks to have everything inside to get the heart racing. This episode shows the amazing power of persuasion, along with the influence that social media has and how fast something can spread such like a video of a Zygon on the rampage.

Jenna Coleman is an outstanding actress who when playing Clara takes it to that next step. Clara matches the Doctor in this episode for wit, fight and determination. The one thing I loved about this episode was even though the Tardis wasn’t on hand, they all still managed to travel to different places at the speed of light. The Doctor in an American accent though was a little odd.


The emotional speeches that came from the Doctor in this episode though were outstanding and it will be a huge shame to see Peter leave when he is just getting to the point that the nation can love him, in this episode we saw what the Doctor was really about.

With so many plot twists and enough suspense to give the X-Factor a run for its money I would have to give this episode a 4 stars, although it was amazing at times things didn’t make sense, like teleporting all over the UK. Doctor in that accent though, remind you of anyone?


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