Under the lake and before the flood

So if you haven’t been watching Doctor Who so far then shame on you. Seriously though, it has been amazing so far, and although Peter Capaldi wasn’t one of my favourites at first, he has shown that he does have what it takes to become a long standing Doctor, and no offence but if you question Jenna Coleman’s ability to play the amazing Clara then you need some special help.

So onto the amazing two part episode, the first one being “Under the Lake”. We start with the Doctor and Clara finding their way onto an underwater mining facility, although not is all what it seems. It of course doesn’t take them long to find their way into trouble and before we know it they are being haunted by none other than ghosts, yes you heard me real ghosts (well as real as you can get on a fictional TV show).

However, not to worry Clara and the Doctor soon get split up and trapped between a nice thick layer of water, surrounded by ghosts and the uncertain notion that things are going to get a whole lot worse…. Wait that isn’t a good thing is it?

And onto part two….. Before the flood.

Although it lacked a lot of the spark that episode one had, and at times was borderline boring, it did have me guessing and on my toes. At times I was rather confused and didn’t have a clue what was going on but isn’t that all part of the fun?

The emotional rollercoaster ride throughout the episode did have a strong influence on the way it ran and the ending summed it up perfectly. However I have to admit that next weekend looked to deliver an amazing episode with the one and only Maisie Williams – who I adore in Game of thrones!

So did you google the bootstrap paradox? Well I did!

Overall I would have to sum this two part episode up as inventive and captivating and an all-round 4 stars. If you like me can’t wait for next weekend then check out this trailer below.

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