Up and coming artist: American musician Jon Schuyler

Up and coming artist: American musician Jon Schuyler

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If you love discovering new voices and grooving to new sounds, well look no further because this young man is the truth.

Cincinnati, Ohio native and R&B singer/songwriter Jon Schuyler has been making a name for himself in the U.S. and its just a matter of time until his music is international. Jon commands attention with his soulful range and emotional lyrics so well, that his swift popularity in various states is not a surprise.

Since his debut album, released in 2010, he has gained hundreds of fans, performed everywhere from university campuses to clubs and festivals. Fans defiantly take to social media to express their support for his projects.

Jon Schuyler is best known for his smash hit singles such as ‘Train’ and ‘Tell her’ that can be found on previous records, but his latest album 199X that was released on Thursday has taken people by storm. This LP which shares the same name of his 2014-15 EP revived excitement over this artist’s talent. Jon-Schuyler-199X Supporters are here for the album and already sharing the greatness with others.


He also has a visual for the song ‘overrated’ which is a track on the album. Mr. 199X is already making headlines early this year and avid listeners of his craft can’t wait for concert and tour dates. Hopefully he has a few surprises up his sleeve for some live interaction with the fans. Ladies love his heart snatching voice and guys appreciate the rich quality of each production. If you want to learn more and listen to music by him, visit www.jonschuylermusic.com . His latest album 199X is available for purchase on iTunes at Jon Schuyler iTunes . Also for all you Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, and Tidal users, its also accessible for streaming. Tell him Daily News Service sent you.


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