Casillas did not enjoy Real Madrid anymore, says Xavi

Casillas did not enjoy Real Madrid anymore, says Xavi For Chemistry Help Visit The former Barcelona captain has sharply criticized Real Madrid in the wake of Iker Casillas' exit from the club. According to him, his friend has been neglected by the club he diligently served for 16 years.

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Barcelona legend Xavi Hernandez made corrosive comments about Real Madrid, following Iker Casillas’ expeditious departure from the club.

Earlier this week, the talismanic goalkeeper left the Spanish capital to join Portuguese juggernaut FC Porto. Yet the way in which the Madrid board engineered his transfer has irked purists, especially Casillas’ former international teammate.

Research Paper On Working Women Speaking to Spanish publication La Vanguardia, the retired Spain international slammed Real Madrid’s modus operandi regarding the offloading of Casillas: “It leaves a bad taste what is happening with him now. In recent years, I have seen that he is not enjoying himself like before.”

Research Papers Yellow Wallpaper “He even seems bitter and I think everyone in this country (Spain) should think about this.”

Using a more generic vocabulary, Xavi also said: “It cannot be that maturing Spanish athletes are not shown sufficient respect, that people neglect to value everything they have done for their sport and instead focus on their defects, sometimes with malicious intent.”

However, it must be noted that the Real Madrid supremos are not the only ones who have been reproachable in the last few months. The fans – or “Madridistas”, as they like call themselves – also have to take a share of the blame. In fact, since 2012, the Santiago Bernabeu faithful have sporadically jeered their perennial goalkeeper, often accusing him of leaking dressing room secrets to Sara Carbonero (his girlfriend who happens to be a high-profile journalist).

On the basis of those dubious accusations, the 34-year-old shot-stopper became a highly scrutinized figure in the Iberian peninsula, to the point where every dip in form, goalkeeping blunder or wayward pass prompted whistles from his own section of fans.

Meanwhile, his friend and international teammate Xavi enjoyed the unwavering support of Barcelona fans and owners – and his farewell ceremony was a far-cry from Casillas’ low-key and underwhelming send-off.

To sum up, here we have two footballing heroes who have truly shaped an era in the modern game. One was revered from beginning to end by club fans, while the other, in metaphorical terms, was escorted through the back door in the latter stages of his career. In truth, both deserved laudatory gestures at the end of their tenures. Dissertation Final Year Project