Captain America: Civil War Review

Captain America: Civil War Review

Who's side are you on?

I’ve been waiting for this film to be released for quite some time now, hearing of its existence a few years ago. Having read a few comics around the Civil War arc, I was curious to see what the MCU would do with all of its heroes and if the film adaptation would be anything like the comics. Needless to say, I doesn’t matter because they’ve come up with a masterpiece.

Of course, we’ve all been flooded with the promos for the film, fuelling rivalries between fans with the big question, “Who’s side are you on?” Naturally, I didn’t particularly want to be on anyone’s side because they’re all such good guys and I adore them all. However, when the film bloomed and characters started to show their appreciation for the Sokovia Accords i.e. the Superhero Registration Act, I was more tempted to side with Tony. When various obstacles then stood before them, I was more inclined to give Cap my support. This film does such a good job of playing with your emotions, and I love it!

It’s harrowing, absolutely crushing to see all of the heroes fighting against one another. It drove me to tears every time they came to blows. The fight scenes were, of course, spectacular and the Russo brothers did so well in enlisting as many heroes as they did for the film. It makes you appreciate just how amazing Infinity Wars is really going to be. If they can juggle this many heroes with ease, they’ll have no problem later on.

This film brought us closer to so many new faces as well. It was strange to see Maria Stark, but it was pivotal to Stark’s involvement within the film. She was played well and it was a nice touch for us to actually see a bit more into Tony’s past. Naturally, the question of what had happened to them had been on most people’s lips unless you’ve been listening to a few decent theories online concerning the Winter Soldier.  The anger and vehemence that controlled Tony at the end of the film was almost heartbreaking. You couldn’t help but feel bad for both parties and the ensuing fight drove them both all to such desperation that we’ve never seen before. My heart was in my mouth at this point because I honestly thought someone was going to be killed. A truly marvellous display of cinema.


Spider-Man was brilliant. I’ve never been a fan of Toby Maguire and as much as I loved Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland is the right actor for the web slinger. Seeing a much younger hero on the screen really starts to put the whole scenario into perspective but his school boy attitude and nerdy lines really drove the character home. He just feels so right in the MCU, he’s exactly where he belongs. Whit and humour and never a long break to initiate his origin story make this character great again.

Black Panther

One of the best things about Civil War has to be the addition of Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther. He is one sexy ass mother and boy does he look good in that costume! I think I’ve found my new favourite hero, because not only is T’Challa a man of diplomacy and peace, he rocks the superhero world with his acrobatics and fighting style too! I’m more excited than ever for his up-and-coming film now. He played an epic part in Civil War and if he’s only just getting started, I’m all too eager to find out what else he has in store for us.

Vision being overpowered by Scarlet Witch

As it’s seen in the comics that Vision and Scarlet Witch are a couple, it just goes to show that on-screen this is even more real. Since Vision saved Scarlet Witch from the shattering ruins of Sokovia in Age of Ultron, it was clear that they were going on a path that would eventually unite them. Every time Scarlet Witch is mentioned in a bad light, Vision is always there to stand in her defence. It is adorable seeing this dynamic and it pains me even more when they start fighting one another. It’s nice, too, that we hear about Vision’s thoughts on his existence as well as the Mind Stone. I’m also wondering what might happen considering Scarlet Witch is capable of turning the Mind Stone against Vision. Of course, she can do virtually anything she wants anyway, but against an Infinity Stone? That’s impressive!

It was weird as well seeing General Ross once more. Seeing as the Hulk film was so long ago now, it’s almost as if the majority of us had given up on any of his characters ever making a reprise. Seeing as he did, does it mean that a certain Red Hulk might be on his way any time soon? It would probably most likely complicate matters, and I’m happy with how things are going at the moment.

All in all, Civil War is a cinematic masterpiece. I’m glad Whedon didn’t have the reins on this one after misleading us with Age of Ultron because we’ve been given a film 100 times better. No one gets off lightly, so be prepared for hardship and grief. Yes, Martin Freeman was a seemingly pointless addition, but this doesn’t detract from a harrowing, emotional ride. Everyone’s stories are so rich and yet they always manage to find something new to say about them, getting you more attached to the characters and despairing as they painstakingly come to blows with one another.

Do not even think about skipping this addition to the MCU!


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