Busting the “vegans are anti-human” myth

Busting the “vegans are anti-human” myth

Help With Welsh Homework Many vegans and animal rights activists are alson involved ina campaigns for human rights.

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“Animal liberation, human liberation, one struggle, one fight” is a chant heard at many animal rights protests.

It’s my favourite chant. Not only does it directly contradict the view that vegans don’t care about people, but it also makes the point that the struggle for equality and freedom is not exclusive to one issue. It makes a direct link to the fact that many issue are connected to the fight for transparency, fairness and an end to violence.

Dius Business Plan There is a view, one to which a partly subscribe, that if we can’t treat animals fairly then what hope do humans have? There have been direct parallels between animal cruelty and human cruelty. Many people who are cruel to animals also have violent tendencies towards their fellow human beings. This has been shown through case studies of infamous serial killers who tortured animals in their younger years and then moved on to humans in their later years.

We also need to acknowledge the fact that many people active in the animal rights movement are leading campaigners for human rights too. Anti-racism, gay right, feminism and anti-poverty campaigners can all be found calling for animal liberation. The ultimate statement for equality comes in anti-specieism, the idea that it’s wrong to oppress animals because they happen to be born as another species. This links in with anti-racism, anti-sexism and anti-homophobia which attack prejudice based on the way someone is born – they are born a different colour, a different sex, or sexuality to the abuser. All this falls under the broad umbrella of “the battle for equality”. This campaign recognises the fact that humans and non-humans alike can suffer pain, both physical and emotional, when they suffer abuse at the hands of another. It also rejects the ideas of oppression, domination and putting profit before humanity.

Dissertation Committee Members This are all huge topics, and link directly to the concept of anti-capitalism. The capitalist model of society itself requires a “profit-first” idea in which to function, it is therefore only natural that many animal rights activists are also anti-capitalists, as the source of the problem – capitalism – can be seen as the key to ending the anti-specieism they campaign against.

Write An Essay On Learning Obviously, it’s not that complicated for all vegans. Many go vegan simply because they don’t want to see animals suffer. The associated political and sociological ideologies may come into play later, but, generally speaking, caring, emotional people can relate to not wanting to cause pain and suffering. They don’t want to see animals tortured and killed, so they go vegan. Surely, if these character traits drive a person in that direction, it is entirely likely that they share the same feeling towards their species. This is the core of the argument of many people involved in animal rights – “if we can’t care for our own species, then what hope have other species got?”

This sentence is, of course, seen by many as opposite to the sentence I mentioned earlier; “if we can’t treat animals fairly then what hope do humans have?

I don’t see the two as contradictory. In fact, I see them as two sides of the same coin. They are both caring statements of conscience and they both relate to a thought process that puts others first. They both call for equality and they both challenge abuse.

All that, to me, totally destroys the view that animal rights activists only care about animals. I class vegans as animal rights activists as the very notion of rejecting animal products and the related suffering can be seen as activism – something I’ve discussed before. Of course, there are vegans who make the dietary choice for health reasons, but my school of thought concentrates on ethical veganism.