Bohunt School: Has the BBC ruined this Hampshire School’s reputation?

Bohunt School: Has the BBC ruined this Hampshire School’s reputation?

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Bohunt School took part in an experiment where fifty year nine pupils swapped their British School lifestyle for a 12 hour Chinese style day. The show, Are our kids tough enough, is in three parts and the first episode was shown on the 4th August 2015.

Bohunt School, based in Hampshire, is an outstanding secondary school according to Ofsted. It was awarded the Times best overall school of the year and has won many other awards along the way.

However, after six weeks of having BBC camera crews and many hidden cameras planted around the school, no wonder chaos appeared to be happening. With only three hours of footage of the whole experiment being shown on BBC2 its understandable that they will not waste screen time showing well behaved classes being taught awfully boring lessons. But with cameras hidden around the whole of the technology block (where the program was mainly filmed), no teacher could expect smooth sailing behavior for weeks on end without any mishaps being caught on camera.

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With social media going crazy with the hashtag #Areourkidstoughenough, the school has received an unwelcome amount of hate on an unfair representation of Bohunt School. What many of the reviews on the show fail to mention is the fact that some of the pupils have a genuine interest in learning. The show shows a clip of a group of pupils, who had struggled with the trigonometry earlier that day, returning to their own maths teacher to be re-taught it in their own time.

With many of the schools pupils admitting they hated this experiment because they felt that they got no respect and were treated as if they were stupid – can you blame them for the occasional acting out. I can tell you now, most of the time as I was walking around school, I never witnessed any misbehaving in fact many times I walked past classes of the children sitting in silence.

I only hope that the final two parts of the series show Bohunt in a better light – a far truer light!


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