The supermarket that's leading the healthy way

For restaurants, supermarkets and other packaged food brands the current hot topic trend is to eliminate the unnecessary and unhealthy additives and other such ingredients, such that the public have deemed bad. These can include trans fats, artificial flavours and colours. Although some restaurants have pledged not to sell these items, such as Campbell Soup, the issues are far way from being solved.

Aldi however, has now pledged to stop selling items with these unhealthy substances in their stores, not just one store either, but all of them. Any products with synthetic colours, partially hydrogenated oils or added monosodium glutamate in will be taken off the shelves. In short Aldi are doing their part to make sure that we live a much richer and healthier lifestyle and like they always have; at low prices.

Although C.E.O of the Aldi chain has said this change will affect more than 30 million people who shop regular in their stores, they have still given it the green light. At the same time it has been stated that 90% of these products are exclusive brands being taken off the shelves, this will help Aldi bring in their own food and making it more cost effective for shoppers worldwide.


What is more, Aldi decided not to make this announcement until all stores had removed the items with these substances and stopped selling them. What I want to know is have you noticed a difference when shopping there? The only difference from me is in the last month it has been cheaper and to be honest, better quality of food, especially leading up to Christmas!

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