Album review: The Lost Poets – Insubordia PT II

Album review: The Lost Poets – Insubordia PT II

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Two-man mysterious Swamp blues / Rock band The Lost Poets have now released their debut album Insubordia PR II after only previously releasing the Insurbordia EP and single Mouth. Those previous releases have meant the Swedish duo are now quite sought after having now supported Volto at the infamous Viper Room on Sunset Boulevard. One of their songs will even be appearing in Dolph Lundgrens forthcoming feature film “Without You I’m Nothing”.

The band are a bit of an enigma. They never show their faces, instead wearing thick tar-like makeup and dressed in black suits and top hats. But is it just a gimmick or does the music stand up to the visual buzz they have created? The answer is yes the music does stand up.

The album opens with Insubordia pt II and introduces you to an energetic sound similar to the likes of Queens of the Stone Age. It’s clear from the off that the band have strong melodies and impressive composition skills. Lead single Danny Electro proves that very well – it’s a moody slow burner that bursts in and out of life and the refrain “I don’t have no money” is catchy and real.

As the album progresses the band become less obvious with their sound and show different facets of ability and influence. In tracks like Bound and Mouth more Grunge elements emerge akin to the likes of genre legends Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.

After the album does plateau slightly in terms of energy and pacing, instead The Lost Poets choose to focus more on songwriting and lyrical content rather than just making music to mosh to though 1000mph does revisit a feeling of tension and animosity. There is something of the Nick Cave about them in parts, final track Monomyth has that feel.

As Long As I Am Conscious and Clear In My Mind is a restrained moment of magic that will sweep you in its beauty. The song features just vocal and acoustic guitar for the main, as you are swept away with sweet chords and a great vocal performance. This is the standout moment on the album, a song the likes of David Bowie would have been proud of writing.

There are three sides to The Lost Poets; Hard Rock, Grunge and Acoustic, which makes it hard to tie them down to one particular sound. They may look dark and menacing but it is perhaps their softer and more heart-felt pieces of music that have the most impact and will impress you the most. What ever they choose to do it is clearly well executed.

The album is out now buy it here!

Watch the video for lead single Danny Electro here:


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